Notes on 7-9-13

11..11 (big and bold) ..9:24.. 10:03..1:11..

This is new, they haven’t done this before. It would be awesome to believe these are dates, or it could be countdowns, they were presented on a clock. The number 11 was presented several times which means either its very important or they are trying to correct a mistake. If it is a mistake that would have to be the ‘earthquake in Mexico 1,2’ perhaps they meant around the 12th putting it on or around 11th-12th. It could simply be another prediction that no timeframe was given, nor was there a month, so until these dates or countdowns pass its unclear.

A sneak peek of things to come. I have been informed that what is a breakthrough in the AIDS epidemic in 2013 becomes a reality of massive change in people’s lives and perhaps a cure in 2014 which they put at the beginning, its possible that’s 1:11. It is one of three predictions we left off the site because it’s too far away.

I had a vague visual last night of an oil tanker ship in port and then moving in the ocean. Something is about to happen to an oil tanker soon, but the information is incomplete.


7 thoughts on “Notes on 7-9-13

  1. 11, especially 11:11, has a lot to do with divine angels. Its always been with me that I see that number daily, no matter what. Perhaps something is trying to be said? I hate the thought of another oil spill in the ocean, should that happen. I mean there are endless possibilities to decipher the numbers. 9:23 could be for example 5 in numerology,or maybe a date. I’d assume you’d know this, you’re a smart and well-off fellow. Anyways, I have a comment to make.

    It may seem a little far fetched that I say this, but bear with me. I dream a lot, and dreaming is my medium of spiritual connectiveness and meditation. A while back ago, when I commented on your post about the earthquakes,specifically predicted earthquakes in mexico..iI took the assumption of the significance of the date 7/2…as in the post I thought it could mean a date. Seemingly so, nothing happened, that I can find. BUT. That night, I dreamed multitudes of intense, lucid dreams. One of them, sparked signifigance in my mind. It involved a huge rift in space, the fabric of all life. In the dream, it messed with everything, caused chaos and havoc….also, I am not surethis is of any ssignificance to you, in that very dream, a huge book lauy opren in front of me, old yellow paper, rough and brittle, emopty pages…and so I made the connection that, involving my life, the earthquake at the time represented something to come, spiritually.

    My dreams always hold truth and they seem to be cryptic precognitive codes that coincide with my walking life.given that in my walking life, there are always clues and little nudges from outside sources for me left everywhere.

    Rather, I thought I’d mention it.

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  3. Eric, could this article about oil tanker going dark off Texas, fulfill the last paragraph of this posting?


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