Football Player Arrested

This incomplete prediction has unfolded, it reads under Notes for 4-24-13 :

“Horrible violence.. football player.. tragic”  It’s vague. The spirits showed concern over too much focus on just a few predictions…

The Facts:  New England Patriots football player Hernandez was arrested on Wednesday after he was questioned in connection with a shooting death near his Massachusetts home. The New England Patriots meantime said it has released the star tight end from the team following his arrest.

In other news:

Tsunami :
Scientists say a tsunami hit the U.S. East Coast on June 13th, an approximately 6-foot  wave came in. It carried the divers back over the breakwater and swept three people off rocks that are usually up to 6 feet above sea level. Two individuals needed medical attention.
It is very possible that some of the Tsunami predictions relates to this event, however they continue to point to Hawaii and British Columbia.

An Alaska volcano spewing ash and lava for the past six weeks erupted with new intensity on June 26, belching a plume of cinders 5 miles into sky and onto a nearby town and disrupting local flights, officials said.
The prediction presented days ago pointed to a coming explosive eruption that would unfold immediately. Soon afterwards Mount Popo briefly erupted. But many of you predicted a location in the Northern region, as is Alaska.

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  1. star48 Avatar

    Eric, another Volcano in Alaska erupts..?
    Also in Mexico…another Volcano too.Popo

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