Indonesia Earthquake

This prediction has happened it reads under Notes for 5-26-13 – Tsunami :

I had a visual of a newspaper being dropping in front of me. The front page headline read  Indonesia Earthquake 4-8

The Facts: On June 13th there was a 6.7 earthquake off the coast of Indonesia. Unclear on what 4-8 would represent.

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  1. Hi! Eric. It’s me, Jayasri. Congrats! Ur prediction about the Indonesian earthquake is right on target! Also FYI! Two days prior to the earthquake the seas were pretty rough with very high waves along the coast off Northern Peninsula Malaysia. There was a freak storm that caused havoc in a state called Penang(mainly on the Penang Island) which is in the north. Roads as far as 1km long were damaged in several areas in the town area, buildings damaged and 100 homes destroyed. 1 death & few injured. All happened around the same day as the earthquake. The meteorological department issued a warning to the public to stay away from coastal areas along Malaysia. Just thought u should know about it. As for the rest of Malaysia its freaking hot & humid weather. Anyway god bless & take care.

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