FB Page: The World Predictions

I am very excited to share their very first rollout or plan of action in altering the outcome of these world predictions.  The simple plan is to put a page on Facebook with the intent of bringing awareness to the predictions. Not all the predictions will be on there, only the predictions that have the potential of changing through awareness, in a format that is direct and to the point unlike the crazy riddles you read here.

Fans, Friends I need you help, like the page, share the page, whatever it takes to get the word out there. We only need to create a little change that cascades across the future. It’s important to both share this page as we predict the events and more importantly as they happen to start a chain reaction were a community or cause unfolds. We can change them, and the spirits have now made it apart of the plan to action, this their call to arms.. Finally we are working towards our ultimate goal.

Look for the metallic sphere, as there are actually other world prediction sites on FB. Thanks Julie for the original idea, as they put it “The Julie idea has weight”. If anyone has any other ideas or social media sites that fit Spirits workings please share them.  For now we have only the Tsunami prediction available on the page. They will be selecting which go on there. This blog will continue to post as is.

5 responses to “FB Page: The World Predictions”

  1. Julie Avatar

    That’s great Eric! Put this URL on your blog with every prediction so we know where to go. I think this will help tremendously! One stop shop to spread the word!! https://www.facebook.com/theworldpredictions?fref=ts

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks, will do

  2. Julie Avatar

    Hoping to help change the timeline. Just posted your new FB page on Above Top Secret (ATS): http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread953265/pg1

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      ironically it was always there, if you go back to the original predictions.

      1. Julie Avatar

        I know, its been a topic for months now! Let’s hope it doesn’t actually materialize in our timeline!

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