Notes on 6-10-13

Here are the Notes from Spirit on June 6th. There is a new push to refocus on old predictions with clearer details, coming soon.

“Fire!” I had a visual of individuals putting out a fire in a white vehicle (car).
“5,4,3,2, 1 we at 3.” Its a countdown which means this prediction or another should unfold  around the 13th  (between the 12th-14th.)

“The Ship is under attack” I saw what looked like a large ship either a cargo ship or battle ship surrounded in smoke.

“R Seacrest is going to jail.. terminator.. terminated” It’s very possible they are using R Seacrest as an example, and has absolutely nothing to do with the person. Perhaps they mean the announcer or Television host is going to jail and then fired soon afterwards. They have used famous people to represent a specific type of individual, or it could be a message in his name ‘See Crest’. On a side note they do not normally do predictions like this, it goes against the grain of the blog to change predictions through awareness, so I am not sure why they presented it.

“The feeling from Japan.. hold on Japan.. we don’t have much time.. Japan it’s soon.. hold, held..”

314 people will pass, — we need to figure out which prediction this goes with.

We are also working  up clearing up the Tsunami, and its details, a more accurate portrait of this event is coming very soon.

9 thoughts on “Notes on 6-10-13

  1. R Seacrest, Isn’t Ryan Seacrest the The Guy that Hosts American Idle?
    Idle no More was in another prediction.?
    The Diabolical Meltdown in Japan has not only Sevearly Killed Much Bird Life, Ocean Life & we are now eating food contaminated. This is something I have been so discerning about… But, truly..
    “Terminator” I get that one horrid clip where everything is destroyed by Nuklea Blast. Hiroshima then fills my eyes with Red I see Red ?

    I think, maybe the changes in everything is created for our attention and taking away our focus on the Continuous Japanese Disaster.

    I’m sorry, Infeel deeply emotional and I hear ‘Nano’ ? I dunno.

    Much Love

  2. Hi Eric, I’ve had that inner shaking again. With that & knowing Japan’s Volcano has been highlighted through TheWatchers online….
    I have more….

  3. Regarding the visual that you had of individuals putting out a fire of a white car, do you think it’s possible that this is related to journalist Michael Hastings fiery car crash in L.A. yesterday? It was a huge car fire, though, it’s hard to determine what color his Mercedes was. It looks as though it could have been white or silver in color, hard to tell.

  4. I will need to verify with Spirit, but yes it sounds pretty close, thank you for the info. I will say the white car was very important. White represents a pure person, godly in a sense, or its a white car.

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