Notes on 6-3-13

Here are the notes from Spirit on June 6th. Very cryptic information, very old school way of conversing.

“Prediction ‘9’ is coming soon.”

“The green and black flag is at half mast, the leader passes.”

“Outrage.. tax rate.. taxes.. Nick Obama” (Nick? could be a nick against him? Perhaps another scandal or more of the IRS scandal unfolding)

“California is getting screwed.. by its conglomerate GE.. lies, cheaters.. they are lying on an unprecedented scale..”

47 — The 4th is marked

628 in big letters — Could this be a date? June 28th, Again they are stuck on the 28th. Perhaps the Tsunami or earthquake.

I had a visual of picture frames completely demolished and torn to pieces, left in a pile, very disturbing visual but not completely sure on its meaning.

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  1. Sarah W. Avatar

    Wow, well I don’t know of this is relevant but, The Green & Black Flag is often referred to The Anonomous Creation. Also, Nick is the first name of Obama’s side kicks in the retaliation of the Free Press. All this tension concerning that Lads Trial being held over The Classified Documents being released and much tension world wide over this Court Marshal Process.
    Also, 9 is a predictive text in Biblical Meaning of Francis…. We all know who the Pope is. Let’s all hope nothing really is of meaning in my first thoughts on this but, for some reason it struck a chord.

    Thank You For You Work
    You are Loved

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks Sarah, Which of Obama’s side kicks are you talking about?

      1. Sarah W. Avatar

        I’m sorry, I wrote that a bit wrong….
        Nick Gilespe I think is the Guy outraged at Obamas culling free press. It was an instant feeling that it’s almost like what is unfolding or going to is a Mock at the people. Also, on further web searching as this particular Preidiction made me think on searching more… Nick Clegg in the UK is also a serious 2 edged sword that tbh has put hairs on my arms lift.? Now I too get visions that are obscure but, I feel it’s a lot to do with the whole World and numbers I try and read like numerology. But, the feelings are not budging on the entire pieces of your visions being sawn as a whole?
        I’m sorry, its so hard to co-ordinate with clearity…
        Peace & Love x

  2. Sarah W. Avatar

    I just realised the name of the Page. The Daily Beast? What’s wrong with people… Gosh, that’s a horrid name!!
    Again, You are Loved x

  3. Sarah W. Avatar
    I was looking to what was happening with EQ’s today & I came to this? It seems that it is not just spirit directing you as I got a kinda nudge… I am not even living in the US.
    I hope this helps concerning the overall Obama Prediction.

    Peace & Much Love

  4. Ajaytao2010 Avatar

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

    1. Sarah W. Avatar

      I recieved a reply directly from you. I am sorry for useing Eriks page to reply but, I was having major problems in being able to talk via your page.
      It was Your ability to see yourself in a child that not only healed you from the most frightening times but, enabled you to be here now. With added va va voom 🙂
      One can only respect health when theirs is not perfect. I’ve had Multiple Schlrosis since 19 and had to wait for age 25 before I was no longer called crazy! and Suffered another very painful illness since the age of 14. I wouldn’t useually just post something so personal because I’m generally the Samaritan and I have been helping people for many years for many different reasons. Be it Self Harm or Rape. I’ve quite faithfully followed the path of Love.
      I have no idea how or why I have survived because my near death experience should of been my death. It wasn’t. I’m a See’er and my MS has not affected this so anyone that claims the pineal gland if scared makes me unable is just bull!!
      That’s why it’s so easy for heathy supposed enlightend give real illness a bad name 😉
      You are a credit to us all, & You have much to teach, much to give & plenty more Love.
      I Love where you live. I have been there I was in ore. I do know about your area too. If ever you are concerned about your near by Mountain Spitting any more, don’t worry, I will let you know probably before the Volcano…..!
      Many Blessings

      1. Ajaytao2010 Avatar

        thank you so much dear Sarah
        I an totally without words for your blessings and kind words thanks once again

      2. Ajaytao2010 Avatar

        most welcome dear Sarah

  5. Juls Avatar

    Hi, was just reading through your predictions and I wondered if the following might be connected to this one somehow –

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Hi Juls, I will ask them, but usually they would have said something by now. If I miss one of their predictions by a few days they start to point it out.

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