Notes for 5-31-13

I had a visual of me standing on a wooden walk way of a ghost town alone. As I stood there rain begin to pour down hard, as if someone had a bucket pouring it down from the sky.

I am familiar with this message, I have seen it before as something that represents sadness. In previous messages they used storms for troubled times, wind as change, clouds representing a dark situation, but in this case it was just rain. It could very well be a personal situation and my posting of it fruitless.  However they did mention that when a very disturbing prediction is about to happen I will feel it before it arrives. This could be that situation.

Other Notes: I had a visual of the number 94. Odd message but it was very large when they presented it. They also said the fires will start raging soon, across several areas of land. We will continue to strive towards locations, but Texas was a focal point. The name ‘Elizabeth’ was presented, I will be asking for the details in the coming days.

The earthquake feeling is back, expect to see a fairly large earthquake in the next few days, I will do my best to rush a place, and time.

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  1. seeker Avatar

    There is an Elizabeth, Colorado re fire prediction. I am imagining very minimal damage.

  2. seeker Avatar

    And an Elizabeth, Texas

    1. Eric LP Avatar


    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks for the info

  3. Mark Avatar

    Could it be that the rain is associated with hard times? I heard people use raining in the context of hard times, when things are going bad people would ask for it to quit raining.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Perhaps, but they have used the message in the past, in every case it has represented sadness, they actually have a different looking storm geared towards upheavals or troubling times.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      I will check it out, thanks

  4. justlove2write Avatar

    is it possible that the rain was about the flooding that happened after the Oklahoma tornados recently?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      I don’t think so. Flooding is presented very differently in previous predictions. But I am never 100% sure.

  5. luvtardis Avatar

    I’ve never been very psychic beyond seeing ghosts in my house and people’s guides. Although up until the recent year I’ve gotten stronger. I started sensing an accident around my dad and last April it came true when someone jumped a stop sign and hit us (dad driving, I was in the passengers, all okay).

    Then on the 12th, I saw a vision of an earthquake. I was sitting at my desk and I can recall exactly what fell off my desk. It’s more powerful than any I ever remember (I’ve lived in California for 17 years and currently live in LA). My computer monitor was flickering from how powerful it was and I was jerking. When the vision ended, I was sick from vertigo afterward (which effects me after an earthquake).

    My spirit guide or a spirit guide confirmed last night that there would be an earthquake. I’ve been trying to contact them more, however have found it hard. He said the earthquake would be 6.7 in June. I get the feeling on a Sunday in the afternoon. This isn’t my normal guide and he said my normal one was “busy”.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Interesting, we will see what Sunday brings.

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