Is this what they could have been talking about, if you recall, I assumed this was about the Tornado in Italy. I will let you decide.

The Predictions:

Notes on 4-20-13:
They showed a tornado or quick storm roll in and do great damage. Then they showed a man recording the event in awe.

Notes on 5-13-13
On May 19th it comes… “What?”… I had a vision of large ocean waves coming into the shoreline consuming the ports. Then it switched to a young twenty year old Asian man standing with a face of concern. –
A couple of thoughts: In the high school hall, for some reason you got the impression the young man was missing? The picture had that type of vibe. Even though it is very possible that the 19th brings a Tsunami, keep in mind that the vision could be talking about a Cyclone.

The Facts: On May 19 and 20th Tornados damaged Oklahoma creating horrific damage. 

Either way its not very accurate. My heart goes out to the people of Oklahoma.

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  1. Pam Avatar

    First- thank you! I have to ask though if you can join me in a feeling ofthese predictions not being fulfilled. I feel like the biggest events have not yet occured this week. I felt a couple hour ago that maybe the worst is over for our planet this week…but I now feel like someone is yelling,”INCOMING, STAY ALERT”. Do you feel this way?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      This week? We have the Tsunami coming, another world terrorist attack but perhaps foiled, and hurricane season is suppose to be really bad. But I am unclear on the timeframes. What are you picking up exactly another tornado?

      1. Pam Avatar

        Before the beginning of June. I would say this week or by this coming Tuesday. I am thinking my feelings are corresponding to the 3 asteroids that are in close approach be tween now and May 31. Can you tell us more about the Tsunami you are seeing?

        1. Eric LP Avatar

          The Tsunami is all in the notes. For now that’s all I have, but there are several small messages. But we are still trying to nail a timeline.

        2. Eric LP Avatar

          not picking up any asteroids, but you might be picking up something I am not. time will tell.

  2. Ethan Avatar

    Thank you for this. Somehow I have the feeling that this is the only beginning to the natural disaster. We will have more coming soon. “The wind is blowing different this year, and the sea is raising as the mountain fall apart.” My heart is sorrowed for the victims.

  3. Pam Avatar

    I appologize for the double post, what I am picking up exactly would be more earthquake related I think.

  4. Sarah W. Avatar
    Sarah W.

    Sorry… I feel compelled to read all your visions and I believe it’s because you are so sincere & what you feel & see is just how I do.
    I find it so hard to say what I feel but, this shall change I’m certain when I feel safe to.

    What I do know for fact is The Middle East, Iran, Afganistan, Kazicstarn (spelling not good!) have been having quite nasty Earthquakes. Especially around the time you had your vision.
    I don’t know for sure but, when one in particular EQ in Iran struck I had a feeling of serious lack of its natural nature. For you to see a young man, Asian in appearance and then the feeling of him missing I am shaking. The words I’m getting is ‘not all is as it may appear’ then the word ‘Clear’ which is how I get the confirmation that I may be correct. Clear Seeing.

    Again, this is happening now as I type. Flaws in what is natural vs not? World Wide this is the Vision. So when somthing happends in one place another is being ignored. Now I get, ‘Silver Screen?’ I have no idea what that means?
    ‘Feeling Tipsy, Man knew and so disappeared?’

    I’m so sorry…it’s just I really do feel when something happends in one place on our Globe, another is also happening?’

    A 5.4 just hit Indonesia. Gosh!!!

    I’m Sending Love To All

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks for all the info.

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