Notes for 5-20-13

Here are the Notes from spirit on May 20th.

The number 0, which means a prediction is coming. Nothing happened on the 19th, however they are saying a prediction will unfold now or in the next few days with their ‘zero’ message.

227 the 22nd is marked.. Baltimore..

Bomb.. bomb plot.. the burner doesn’t work.. — Another major bomb attack in the world, seriously, these terrorist need to go. But I question the success of the attack, I am not sure if they are saying that the plan is foiled, or the bomb goes off and no one or minimal people are there. I really do hope nothing comes out of it.

11 thoughts on “Notes for 5-20-13

  1. Maybe your predictions are closer to home than you think. An F5 tornado struck Moore, OK today 5/20/13. Like a bomb blowing up houses, schools and businesses but Thank God no loss of life and only minor injuries.

    1. Hi Kim, yes I saw that on the news, horrible situation. Perhaps your right, I will ask them later if that the case.

      1. My mistake, I had not heard about the loss of life until after I sent the post. So sad.

  2. Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees in Baltimore at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore on May 22 @ 7 pm. Could this be your 227?

    1. Hi Aileen, I wish it were that simple that would be awesome. But their presentation is: 7 means day, 30 means month, and 12 means year. so 227 actually is a message of the 22nd. On top of that it doesn’t necessarily mean May, it could be June.

  3. perhaps the message for 22nd relates to the terrorist attack near Woolwich barracks on Drummer Lee Rigsby of 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, recently returned from Afghanistan.
    He was attacked by two british radiclised muslim converts who tried to behead him in the street at 20 minutes past 2 o’clock in the afternoon.
    our hearts go out to his family in deepest sympathy, but also to the families of the assailants who must be deeply traumatised also.

    1. Hi Kurt, My heart goes out to them as well. It so sad we have to share a world with people who do such senseless acts. As for the prediction, they really put it around a bomb situation.


    Again, your gift is truly a Loving Gift. I think you are incredibly accurate in your very heavy visions so I do send you Love for you share that which is both very hard to describe & I understand it’s disturbing at times for you.

    I kept hearing New Baltimore and the Airport. It was so annoying because I was thinking where have I heard of Baltimore? I saw in a dream this very event 3 days before. It broke my heart for then I see it unfold infront of my eyes at home….In England.

    I hope you find some understanding to the above report because again, it was you that mentioned Baltimore and apparent, flt numbers, the zero, the strange and alarming events concerning the most horrid day….

    Much Love

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