Notes on 5-13-13

Here are the notes from Spirit for May 13th.

“Car explosion… on display… a countdown running from one day and a few minutes…” (14th – 15th, perhaps a situation in Europe, possibly ties to France)

I had a vision of myself walking down a hallway of what seemed like a high school, and off to the left was a face picture of a young man, on him was cob webs and dust.

On May 19th it comes… “What?”… I had a vision of large ocean waves coming into the shoreline consuming the ports. Then it switched to a young twenty year old Asian man standing with a face of concern. —

A silver bowl was brought out.

A couple of thoughts: In the high school hall, for some reason you got the impression the young man was missing? The picture had that type of vibe. Even though it is very possible that the 19th brings a Tsunami, keep in mind that the vision could be talking about a Cyclone. Assuming the Asian man is related to the flooding, it could point to a direction in the Asian Seas. A bowl in the past was used to describe Football. Silver however is new, but it would hint perhaps that the prediction regarding the football player is looming.

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