Turkey Bombing

This part of a prediction has happened under, Notes on 4-16-13 – The Enemy, The original prediction was discussing the new enemy of terrorism, but also stated that United States isn’t the only terrorist target and listed the other targets, that part of the prediction Reads:

..They also added that the United States isn’t their only target, they have eyes for France, Turkey and parts of Europe..

The Facts: The French Embassy was bombed on April 23, Spain foiled an attack around April 23, and Turkey was attacked with two car bombs on May 11.

They predicted more coming. From  Notes on 5-1-13 “Germany seems (?) under attack.. 1,2..” another attack involving the number 8 (the 8th?), and finally the bridge attack against the US. I am trying hard to gather more details, we must work towards changing the outcome of these events, its time to prevent these horrors from happening.

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      No but I will check it out, thank you.

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