Notes on 5-9-13

Here are the Notes from Spirit on May 9th

From a distance in the air I watched a ship in the ocean engulfed in smoke, smoke billowed out in different directions. It was unclear as to the scope of the fire or damage as the smoke hindered my view.

In “the place of leaves” that’s Canada,  they presented the homeless, the unfortunate, being grossly mistreated by officials. There was a train in the background but its unclear if that is apart of the location or they are using it symbolically by saying its a repetitious issue.

I saw a pot boiling over, nations in the world were reaching a boiling point and it will spill over. “Two nations reach a boiling point because of land”

“The needle is coming” They showed a very long needle with liquid coming out of it, a reference to the death penalty.

A small spider sat in a corner. Spiders as mentioned before are the worst symbolic message they provide, individuals who plan to commit sinister dark acts. The size in the visions have related to the sizeable acts, or success of their mayhem. It’s very possible they are revisiting an already existing prediction, as if to say this is around the corner.

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  1. Hi Eric,
    I seen this article the other day and was going to post it on your other notes regarding Canada, but it may be more fitting for these ones. There is an ongoing issue with Canada’s First Nations people and the government. I am not taking sides, and do not wish to get in on a debate about issues. The “train” you seen, may have been one of a few that were blocked during their protests a few months ago.

    1. I am trying to understand what exactly are the Indians protesting, what do they want from the Canadian Government? How big of a deal is this in Canada? Thank you for sharing, its items like this that open to new predictions! The social events of those nations, people have been asking about the corruption of S Korea, and to my surprise I had no idea how corrupt it was! So please continue to share the big happenings of Canada and those subjects where the future is in question.

      1. Maybe it might be best to read this Wikipedia excerpt on the “Idle No More Movement” they had started in 2012 which brought some of their protests with the government into the media. There were “trains” blocked during a few of their protests.

        This particular movement has gotten quiet for now, but the issues and other big ones are still there (poverty, education issues, lack of jobs, resources and infrastructure etc) and with growing populations on the Reserves, their frustrations with these issues just keep revolving. The Government does send funding to the Reserves but it shouldn’t be the only answer to their problems, there needs to be real solutions made to their issues and they should be made together peacefully.

        1. Over here the Indians own there own land, they are a mini nation surrounded by us, and self sustain as our neighbor in a sense, are the aboriginals the same over there? Thank you for all the info

  2. They own their own land, some Reserves do have forms of self sustainability, but many don’t and have to rely on the government.

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