I had a vision of one hand extending out to another, and that hand extending out to a third, the three hands formed a triangle and begin to glow. “Your efforts will not be in vain.” I believe they are referring with the blog, from their efforts, to mine, and now your efforts helping us change these predictions. I believe they are predicting our now united connection will eventually be successful and for that you have my overwhelming gratitude. I really look forward to seeing that moment when we alter the horror of these events.

5 thoughts on “United

  1. It’s amazing to see the predictions come true (even the sad ones). To communicate with you on this blog and together putting our thoughts and minds together can truly help possibly alter, or warn people of events to unfold. I believe the spirits you communicate with are seeing that and are working with us.

  2. To an extent, the doomsdayers are creating that outcome — even the remote viewers. They see nothing after 2014. I choose to believe like Einstein & Shakespeare’s Horatio. We simply don’t know what lies beyond; but we created doomsday with our limited brains. Don’t feed that energy. When we tap into Source, we walk in the Light and become a vessel for that knowledge to evolve our planet toward its true reality – the most favorable outcome within the matrix of alternate realities. Yeah, like a test, we join together in a study group via Eric’s blog. Open your hearts as well as your minds, my fellow seekers. Eric, keep leading with yours! If we can all accomplish that simple task, we will change and are changing our world. Like John Lennon, let’s IMAGINE.

    1. Thank you Laura, that puts things in perspective! Just an FYI I have seen all the way to the 37 Century and I am sure there is much more to see. So 2014 is quite a gap.

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