French Embassy Attack

The Prediction Posted 4-16-13 continues to unfold, it reads:

“They don’t like you over there..” The impression they gave is that individuals insanely justify their actions because of the deaths of innocent people overseas while attacking factions of Al Qaeda or the Taliban. They also added that the United States isn’t their only target, they have eyes for France, Turkey and parts of Europe. They showed a visual of the fabled Lilith standing next to the Lucifer. Lilith was front and center. I would translate that as a sister or faction of Al Qaeda, such as Al Shabaab or AQIM. They showed  a large map of east Africa in addition to Saudi Arabia and Yemen area. But the Sudan for some reason was the main focal point…Read More: Notes on 4-16-13 – The Enemy

The Facts: On the April 23, a Car bomb targets French Embassy in Libya injuring two French guards and a Libyan teenager.

This only solidifies the need to focus on the Bridge attack to prevent it from happening.

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