Humanities Future?

This prediction has happened. Finally some good news to share! The Prediction reads under 6: Glowing Light :

A bright beautiful light shines in space, two colliding bodies become one. How ever beautiful now, in the future, it will be a gift from the cosmos for humanity on a distant date.

The Facts:  “NASA’s planet-hunting telescope has discovered two planets that seem like ideal places for some sort of life to flourish. And they are just the right size and in just the right place. One is toasty, the other nippy. The distant duo are the best candidates for habitable planets that astronomers have found so far, said William Borucki, the chief scientist for NASA’s Kepler telescope.” Quoted News:

This prediction was written before I presented the ‘notes’ in raw form. The visual they showed presented two glowing planets or stars becoming one. I assumed at the time that meant “two colliding bodies become one” but in hindsight it could very well be saying two separate places serving ‘one’ ..humanity. The spirits are boldly predicting that what is being found now will become “a gift from the cosmos for humanity”.. a future home.

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  1. seeker Avatar

    Yeay! Can I go now?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      It really is a very cool prediction.

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