Notes on 4-17-13

Notes on April 17th:
The spirits wrote: “0 and 087” Zero means that a prediction is about to happen so expect to see a summary soon. The 8th is marked  as to when another prediction happens. With the marker of “0” they gave an odd riddle to explain which prediction by symbolically placing it on the door of a fridge. Silly symbolic message, that has me stumped, my guess would be an old prediction or leftover message. Or you could take it another way and say its a fridged situation like a North Korea missile launch.
They also seem to imply that enemies to the states are split, odd.
My question: Where is the Tsunami? They answered by saying” it’s still coming.” Even with the Tsunami scare in New Guinea yesterday, with an earthquake of 6.6 on the targeted timeframe, it is not related to the overall prediction of a moderate Tsunami that affects the west coast, and shorelines of Hawaii.
Someone asked is the “insidious man” related to the attacks? It is possible but I am unclear. The prediction can be found under Notes on 4-10-13

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