Notes on 4-10-13

Here are the notes from spirit for April 10th.
“In South Carolina there is a picture (or portrait) of him.. the insidious man.. from all the way to New York.. to south Florida.. his horrors stain the east coast..”
They really spent a long time showing a portrait of him. Not sure why the focus was on that part. If I were to guess it sounds like another serial killer.

10 thoughts on “Notes on 4-10-13

  1. You have mentioned that part of your desire and understanding is to try to change events before they happen. Perhaps the strong focus on the “portrait” was for identification? Just a thought! I have grown very interested in your website and predictions; thanks for a great website!

    1. Thank you for nice words! I hope you continue to be interested. You get the impression that he will be caught by officials without my help. It is the spirits that feel its time to work towards changing these predictions, and I am very excited about the idea. I have no doubt in the coming posts they will point out those predictions they want us to focus on, and as time passes they will probably put in their ideas of how to achieve success. Its coming, their already busy bees looking at what is changeable.

  2. Hi, I really enjoy reading the predictions and notes. Just curious while I read the way you word your messages from spirit…do the messages come to you in pictures or do you hear the messages or is it a little of both or neither? And is it kind of open to interpretation or literal?

    1. That’s a great question. When a prediction starts its usually a 5 second visual of an event, I might be on a beach watching a hurricane come in, or I see destruction after an earthquake, in everyway it is literal, I feel the wind, smell the rain, but I never know where I am or when it is. That’s how it starts. From there I start asking for details by simply asking them for clarity. After hours of meditation I get symbolic visuals or there is a voice talking to me, again the information is very brief, only seconds of time making the process very long. Both types of messages are open to interpretation, but the symbols used consistently carry the same meaning. So if I see symbolically ‘rain’ I know it means sadness, because the message has been used before, so with each passing prediction I learn more of their meaning. This is one of the reasons for changing the format to notes, so that you have the opportunity to interpret it yourself. Several times the fans interpretation is more accurate then mine.

  3. OMG, I sure hope the spirits are able to give you anything to go on to help prevent this. I like the comment from Linda. This could be so tragic.

  4. ill bet you its somebody in the illuminati/freemasonry…………isn’t their one grand lodge or whatever they call it in South Carolina?

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