Serial Rapist Found

This Prediction has happened. The Prediction under  20: Notorious Criminal Found – Band Breakup  / Notes on 03-15-13  posted March 7th reads:

Notorious Criminal Found
“Steakout”..”We found him”..”Bill Curtis Moment”..There was a mental connection to the desert like Arizona. Its unclear if this is where he is found or has ties too. Bill Curtis being the host of the “Notorious” criminal show that bios the worst historic criminals, I know its cheesy and old but I am a huge fan of Bill.

Also the date..
Written: ’716,719, 725-29′, These represent marked dates 16th, 19th, and an open timeframe somewhere in the range of the 25-29, Note they did not mention the Month but to bring attention to these dates would have to mean a three month time span.  Each date is an estimated time of an existing prediction,..

The Facts: Gary Irving Convicted Serial Rapist Captured after 34 years. “A convicted rapist who for decades has been on the run from the law was captured by police this week. Irving, who was found guilty in Norfolk County, Mass., of raping three young women, including a 16-year-old girl, was arrested Wednesday the 27th in his home in Gorham, Maine. Reuters reports that Irving had been sentenced to life in prison in 1979 but that he had fled after the judge in his case chose to delay his sentence by two days to allow him to make arrangements before his prison term started.” Reported on the 29th, Quoted by

No clear connection to a desert.

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