Modest Earthquake in Southern California

Prediction 18 “Earthquake in Southern California 27th” has happened.

CBS news reported “Earthquake Shakes wide area of Southern California. At 9:55 AM March 11th A modest but widely felt earthquake rolled through a wide swath of Southern California.”

First we predicted it on the 27th, then  the 7th, it happened on the 11th of March. Its one step forward and two steps back when it comes to forecasting dates.  There have been mixed reports on the size depending on which part of California you are in, from 5.2 to 4.7.  It’s also unclear over what 7 to 8 means, perhaps aftershocks?

9 responses to “Modest Earthquake in Southern California”

  1. goosher Avatar

    I have a feeling there is something bigger on the horizon. Could be a foreshock? Time will tell.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Perhaps, but I feel if thats the case, it has to happen tonight.

  2. julie Avatar

    I think we need to wait until end of march as I’m thinking we don’t know if its a fore shock

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      right now they are talking about major flooding in Hawaii, coming soon, I am not sure its a Tsunami but it would fit. We are still working on the details

    2. Eric LP Avatar

      I will say the 27th was never really explained. Its possible that the 26th or 27th might have been mixed up with another prediction but that’s still an open issue

  3. Cnorman Avatar

    Amazing how they down graded this EQ from 5.2 4.6. I had stuff fall off my bookcase and shampoo bottles knocked over in my shower!!!

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      ironically they actually mentioned that I should take down some trinkets we have on the wall. But they never fell down.

  4. haleybailey818 Avatar

    your original posting you mentioned the number “27”. Do you feel the quake listed earlier in CA was it, or could the 27th of this month have meaning. I keep feeling the one earlier this month wasn’t it. Are you getting any further information on So California earthquakes?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      It is possible. I was thinking about it mainly because they presented conflicting dates. With that they are predicting a moderate Tsunami that affects Hawaii and parts of the western US coast. Perhaps that is what your picking up an earthquake in the Ocean. I will look into what is coming earthquake wise.

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