Queensland Hit Again With Storm

This Prediction is unfolding as wild weather ravages several parts of Australia:

The Prediction:  10: Tough Times in Australia

While Cyclone Rusty strikes one part of Australia, the Queensland area is hit again with more flooding. Both the Bremer and Brisbane rivers are expected to reach their minor flood level today. River near the Ipswich would peak at about 7m. The advisory also warned river levels in Brisbane City could exceed flood levels with the high tide. All of this while the rebuilding from the last massive storm in Bundaberg is slowed down. http://www.news.com.au/national/further-rain-expected-to-add-to-woes-in-southeast/story-fndo4ckr-1226585467731

I apologize for not being able to get the extended details of this prediction out before the prediction unfolded. We discussed that for predictions regarding Australia it would be to everyone’s benefit to divide the Australian map in four parts so that we have a better understanding of locations in future predictions. Severe weather is effecting several parts of Australia the Tough Times have arrived.


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    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks for the info, was that Typhoon Rusty?

  1. intothemystic Avatar

    No, the floods in Queensland (Burnett River area shown in video), South New Wales and Victoria all on the east side of Australia were caused by a stalled low pressure system throughout Feb following flooding by Cyclone Oswald in January. Cyclone Rusty made landfall in Western Australia in Feb and the remnants caused flooding inland into the beginning of March. I missed all the responses on the initial post which are basically stating the same thing.

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