Cyclone Rusty, Another Storm has Arrived

Prediction 10 has happened as Cyclone Rusty slams into Australia, posted 1/31 and has unfolded 2/25, it reads under 10: Tough Times in Australia :

  • Base: I was standing on a beach looking out towards the Ocean and a storm was coming on the horizon. The wind was heavy.
  • A visual of a map version of Australia and surrounding areas.
  • “The river does it again”
  • “The clean up wasted and for nothing” “Not a good time”
  • A visual of a man sitting in a wheel chair but the wheels were slanted and seem to be almost breaking off. Perhaps a message of crippling circumstances that seem dyer.
  • A female shrouded in wet torn black robe with a black hood stood in front of a small crowd of people almost stage like. The people sat in dining like surroundings, or a restaurant. She raised her hands. Could be a reference to ‘Death’ symbol, and connections to a ‘crowd’. Why it’s in a restaurant is unclear.
  • “Another storm is coming in”

The Facts: It was a month ago at the end of January that Australia was hit with extensive flooding in the Queensland area and now a month later as people clean up the first storm, Cyclone Rusty is poised to create another round of extensive damage and flooding in the north-west. Two parts of this prediction have not unfolded but we will report the information as it happens.  My heart and prayers goes out to all the people of Australia. News of Cyclone Rusty:

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