Tainted Water, Las Vegas Killer

These Predictions have happened:

The Prediction posted 1-26 under Coming Predictions and the 31st reads: In the coming weeks the Las Vegas police will be on the hunt for a killer on the loose.

The Facts: (Reuters Reported 2-22) A multi-state manhunt was under way on Friday for the men who shot dead an aspiring rapper as he drove on the Las Vegas Strip in a Maserati, touching off a fiery crash that killed a cab driver and his passenger. Quoted News: http://news.yahoo.com/manhunt-underway-suspects-fatal-las-vegas-strip-shooting-222337022.html

Its unclear whether they were talking about Chris Dorner or this killer.

The Prediction Posted 2-10 under 16: No Longer Scrapped reads:  A line of black cups as if on an assembly line, darting down a belt all gathered together at the end.’ In readings for individuals cups represent emotional state. A yellow, orange cup would be a more happy friendly character, brown grouchy or mean, black would be overly depressed and suicidal. If that’s the case the message implies a large group committing acts of suicide. Or you could look at it from a different angle and see it as a tainted poisonous water source or a drink that makes everyone deathly ill.

The Facts: (AP Reported 2-20) British tourist Michael and his wife said water had only dribbled out of the taps at the downtown Cecil Hotel LA California for days. On Tuesday, after showering, brushing their teeth and drinking some of the tap water, they headed down to the lobby and found out why. The body of a Canadian woman had been discovered at the bottom of one of four cisterns on the roof of the historic hotel. The tanks provide water for hotel taps and would have been used by guests for washing and drinking. “The moment we found out, we felt a bit sick to the stomach, quite literally, especially having drank the water, we’re not well mentally,” Michael  said. Quoted News: http://news.yahoo.com/agency-checks-water-body-found-hotel-tank-235816837.html

I very reluctantly report this, it is extremely gruesome. The assembly line could be a reference to it being a hotel, the coming and going of people staying there.

What are we working on right now. The Malaysia Elections, Clarity of both the massive fire and the storm of Australia. We have three riddle like introductions to new predictions: I was standing on a street looking at a poster on an ugly wall. There was some dark art picture of an oversized portrait of a pair of scissors or shears opened up and between the scissors was the word “Killer”. Another vision was of a large tank of water, the ones you see in the midwest US, this one had the map of Africa plastered on it. Then another vision of a space shuttle flying through the nights sky.

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