11: South Africa Shooting

Forewarning scrawl from spirit: South Africa Shooting

  • The Base or Core of the Prediction: A group of either police or military men gathering to discuss the scene they were dressed in dark clothes and looked to be gathering together.
  • The Spiritual Voice: “Two people shot”.. “Unfortunate circumstances”.. “Choices in question”.. “Path in question”..”Questionable moral acts, both sides agree”.. “Nation wide issue, that’s enough”
  • The Visions:  A map that pointed to the bottom tip of Africa. A visual of wooden dining chairs. As I said before chairs represent tone or position, an example would be a ‘rocking chair’ is an unstable situation or tone.  I am not familiar with what this would represent?
  • Written Visual: #14 or #4 and enraged


I had a visual yesterday of a group of people looking at the debris or an airplane or jet that fell from the sky . Some of the people looked at it curiously while others took parts. It was unclear how the plane was destroyed.  Then the words ‘now’, if there is time we will look into the details.

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  1. fwc31 Avatar

    Flags half staff ed koch dead. Good job Eric

  2. fwc31 Avatar

    This format is good

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks for the feedback, so far everyone seems to like the new way vs the old.

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  4. Thomas Wolke Avatar

    The rocking chair may refer to the shape of Pistorius’s blades he uses as feet.

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