10: Tough Times in Australia

Forewarning scrawl from spirit: Tough Times in Australia

  • Base: I was standing on a beach looking out towards the Ocean and a storm was coming on the horizon. The wind was heavy.
  • A visual of a map version of Australia and surrounding areas.
  • “The river does it again”
  • “The clean up wasted and for nothing” “Not a good time”
  • A visual of a man sitting in a wheel chair but the wheels were slanted and seem to be almost breaking off. Perhaps a message of crippling circumstances that seem dyer.
  • A female shrouded in wet torn black robe with a black hood stood in front of a small crowd of people almost stage like. The people sat in dining like surroundings, or a restaurant. She raised her hands. Could be a reference to ‘Death’ symbol, and connections to a ‘crowd’. Why it’s in a restaurant is unclear.
  • “Another storm is coming in”

10 responses to “10: Tough Times in Australia”

  1. Katie Avatar

    any idea on time frame here?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      I will ask

  2. Katie Avatar

    I noticed that the prediction was dated 31st January, which was during the time that our town of Bundaberg was experiencing the biggest flood it has ever seen. But i wonder was that referring to the flood we were having or was it a prediction of another one to come? Or maybe it wasnt referring to Bundaberg at all?
    Here is the link to an article about the flood.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      There has been several questions about this prediction. I will ask for overall clarity but the impression was that the Nation Australia would be bombarded with storms and in so many ways floods. It was presented as two storms. Are you familiar with another major storm that hit Australia? But since it is very concerning I will check and bring some sense of clarity and then post it as an addition to this prediction.

  3. Katie Avatar

    we are experiencing many storms across the east coast of Australia and a potential cyclone on the coast of WA. Just today there is another storm on the way along the east coast threatening to bring heavy downpours and more flooding. The weather is just crazy right now, I fear that our little community would not recover from another flood right now. i am watching for updates on this post – i cannot wait to hear what messages you receive.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      This is what I have so far. They say even though they very specifically talk about two different storms its more about a surge of wild weather striking Australia again and again with floods being a big issue. But they strongly mention “We are talking about Australia as a whole” On top of that there will be major issues with recovery, whether its the continued storms or just things not coming together it is as they mention ‘Tough times for Australia’. There is also a specific river that consistently floods over, is that river by Bundaberg? That river mentioned seems to be an area of concern. Tonight I will ask two questions. How will Bundaberg be affected? When is the next major destructive storm for Australia? Whats going on now with the weather, has the cyclone arrived? Are you familiar with the river they are talking about? Most importantly what is a good internet news reference I can use to get this information. US media is overly self involved, its hard to get the details. With your last message, in so many ways it sounds like this prediction is unfolding already. If you think of any other specific questions ask away, but I will try hard to get a better date.

    2. Eric LP Avatar

      It really sounds like Cyclone Rusty might be what they are talking about, a second wave of heavy wild weather.

  4. Katie Avatar

    http://www.bom.gov.au/ this is where we get all of our weather updates.
    I noticed that Cyclone Rusty has a low following behind it also – this is not good news for WA. The river in Bundaberg is the Burnett River and has flooded twice in the last 2 years, but before that it was about 30 years ago.
    Apart from Bundaberg specifically -as today we are experiencing another low off the coast with heavy rains and flashflooding forecast for our area – Australia is very much experiencing a whole lot of crazy weather this year so far already.

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