9: Trail of Smoke

We have decided to try something different and present just the base and notes of the prediction and allow you to decipher it on your own. My hope is to remove my many missteps in analyzing it incorrectly and to make this a more engaging conversation to the meaning of each prediction. The predictions always start off with a base, which is the core of the prediction and is rarely symbolic, in some ways I believe I am actually witnessing real events even though I am only there for seconds. All the messages that follow the base are details and additions to the entire prediction. Later in the coming weeks I will ask you whether you want the old version format of predictions or the new one.

Forewarning scrawl from spirit: Trail of Smoke

  • The Base: I stood up in the sky looking down and there was a trail of smoke extending to a larger cloud of smoke, in some ways it seemed like a large fire or a fire that was difficult to put out.
  • “On the 1st… of one week.” We are already drawing close to the 1st so my guess is that one week might be saying the coming month of March
  • The place seemed desert like and there was a reference to cowboys, perhaps Texas.
  • “it’s not that easy to put out.” “Airfare” “Don’t lie”
  • A visual of an old barrel rusted on the outside, perhaps a reference to gas or oil
  • Words written: Andrew and A lot of people
  • “Some great heroes are at the scene, God praise them!”
  •  A visual of rocking chair. Chairs point to a position or tone of the situation. When talking about the Cartel they discuss the chairs of stone, or better yet the US government is referenced with baby chairs, trays, and bibs. My guess would be a rocky or unstable situation.
  • A visual of a remote control being pointed in a different location. Perhaps a reference to a remote location, pointing fingers, or an interaction as to the cause of the incident.

Please feel free to add your thoughts on the analysis on this prediction.

5 responses to “9: Trail of Smoke”

  1. Your sister Avatar
    Your sister

    Could it be Andrews Air Force Base?

  2. Lucy Avatar

    Andrews AFB?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Its possible, names are usually used as places.

  3. aaron Avatar

    Joint Based Andrews aka Andrews AFB makes sense to the lot of people and hero’s reference . however Its location is in MD close to Washington DC. maybe the reference to this has something to do with the president since AF1 is based at Joint base Andrews?
    Dont lie would lead me to believe this is a cover up or conspiracy.
    was the rocking chair empty? if so this could mean a time of sadness or quiet contemplation
    A desert with cowboys leads me to believe its Texas or New Mexico
    the barrel could reference Oil yet why rusty and old ? Sounds like something from the past is catching up or may tie into this event that takes place.
    the remote control pointing in a different direction could mean the incident is being controlled in a different location than what we are lead to believe. for example….. THE JFK conspiracy we are lead to believe was Lee Harvey Oswald. However since the Warren commission records were fully released (exception to tax info) we learned that in 1978 the HSCA deemed the assassination was a result of conspiracy. 11/22/13 marks the 50 year anniversary of JFK death. In 2017 the rest or the JFK assassination will be released like the autopsy photos for example. My point is that in the beginning everyone was lead to believe that Oswald did it when in actuality there was more to it. soon after people started to think that this wasn’t true and since 2009 when the Warren Commission records were made public and additional footage and photos were seen this added to the conspiracy of the assassination.

    I am not saying your prediction is part of the JFK assassination it was just an example of What some of the references might mean. Although….. LOL its ironic how all the pieces kind of fit it. One of the theories is that LBJ conspired with oil billionaires in Texas to become president and ordered that JFK body be removed before the local authorities could do an autopsy. hmmmm OK enough with my conspiracy theories back to the topic at hand.

    If I had to come to a conclusion based off of the information provided I would say this has something to do with an oil refinery or a well exploding in 2 different areas and a cover up trying to take place. Where Andrew and a lot of people tie in ? IDK unless its referring to a disaster that takes place in Andrews TX which is booming right now because of Oil . Andrews TX is 30 miles from New mexico and in a remote location. i think more details are needed for better clarification though.

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