The Prediction: Prediction 58: Mass Destruction, The Black Smoke A visual of mass smoldering smoke covering a massively large area, smoke usually represents destruction. Now the new information. It is the mixed workings of two or three different predictions. One is in fact a volcano, the other is vague and they have made it clear that it is a grossly dark situation. I have a tendency to get very emotional with the darker tragedies they predict and in this case they are intentionally hindering my view for my own peace of mind. But what they do say is a ‘mass death’ either by someone elses hands like war or a mass suicide, that unfolds all at one time. The one visual they did give me was a gruesome view of several bodies lying around.

The Facts: Flames raced through a crowded nightclub in southern Brazil early Sunday, killing more than 230 people as panicked partygoers gasped for breath in the smoke-filled air. // Two merging predictions, one was about a Volcano that did erupt on Dec 22nd as predicted and infringed on air travel. The second also presented smoldering smoke and destruction and mentioned ‘mass death’ but the spirits stepped back from completing the predicton as its visual would be to difficult to witness.

The Prediction 7: Earthquake Around the 22nd On or around the 22nd there will be a massive earthquake in the Northern Mariana Islands. On the shoreline of the two islands there will be extensive horrible damage.

The Facts: On the Jan 22nd, a 14-year-old girl was killed and 15 people were injured Tuesday when an earthquake hit the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. // The wrong location, because I mixed up two earthquakes as one, we are still expecting a second earthquake in USA in the coming days.

The Prediction 5: Coming Predictions A volcano erupts in the coming days in Central America around the area of Costa Rica. They presented a yellow sign that said “10″ which represents a yellow alert situation. The number 10 could be a date.

The Facts: Wrong location, On the Jan 10th the Kamchatka Russian Volcano erupted.

Perhaps we are overly focused on time and dates that we are starting to lack in other areas of these predictions especially locations.

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