2: Autism

Prediction 2

In 2013-14 there will be a medical breakthrough into Autism. Better days! The pressures and difficulties of those affected fade.

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  1. Dawn Avatar

    I had a reading with a famous medium several years ago, and she also predicted there would be a medical breakthrough in the treatment of autism. I hope it happens. I have a son with Autism.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      It seems so. Its very exciting. I am looking forward to both new predictions to unfold!

  2. Anita Mallick Avatar
    Anita Mallick

    I sincerely hope and pray for it. My beautfiful daughter and lot many children/others will be helped by it to reclaim and bring out their true nature.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      I have faith it will. Just as the spirits I serve predict the horrors, Hurricane Sandy, Typhoon Sanba, or the Israel-Gaza conflict I believe they can predict the very rare good news as well.

  3. soderpop Avatar

    Having personally learned to move past whatever hindrances may occur due to Autism, I find it very problematic if in fact this treatment of which Eric speaks is a Cure for autism. I personally can vouch for more than just a handful of individuals on the autistic spectrum who not only wouldn’t wish to be cured, but that find a deeper more fulfilling identity as people with autism (myself included).
    I grew up with more than a little stacked against me. However it was because of the loving, understanding people around me, my own personal motivation to commiunicate with others, and more than a little study of the “normal” people around me, that I was able to get to the point I am at Now.
    WE may not be YOUR idea of normal, but please consider what you may end up Erasing along with our “Disease” if the world ever does manage to invent a “cure” for our way of thinking. We have our own concepts of the world, and how it works. We have our own feelings, wishes, loves, dreams, and desires!
    We grow in numbers EVERY day, and it is possible that someday soon we may end up out numbering the rest of humanity, but Please believe me when I say we mean you NO HARM.
    We are just as confused by the world around us, as You are confused by us. We may be many, but often we’re scared, and alone. We look at our friends and family, and we try to reach out, take their hand (figuratively), and help them understand.
    We just wish there was more we could say that you all could learn to understand. Because the problem isn’t that we are incapable of understanding you. Given enough time, and resources it is quite possible we could learn anything. Including social skills.
    The problem is that the world around us, the world run by a society that seemingly can’t handle us, continues to have trouble understanding us, and as a result has sought to cure us for so long.
    The answer is not a cure. There is nothing to cure. There is only the need for understanding, and proper treatment in the form of integrating us into a society that TRULY understands our needs.

    In short: I am all for a new paradigm in understanding, teaching, and further integration.
    I am not ok with a cure.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Everyone please be careful and open to how we interpret this prediction. It is not a cure but a breakthrough. I am not expecting an end to Autism but great advances of a positive nature. A great example; Prediction 1 also made predictions towards breakthroughs in the AIDS epidemic, and in the last few months we have started to really see those breakthroughs unfold in several different ways.

  4. […] 2: Autism In 2013-14 there will be a medical breakthrough into Autism. Better days! The pressures and difficulties of those affected fade. […]

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, will check it out.

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