Deadline Passes for Fiscal Cliff

Prediction 59 “The Fiscal Cliff Deadline” predicted 12-21 has happened as of 1-1-13, it reads: No compromise is met before the January 1st deadline. Those leaders who move to the center are black balled by its own party. The credibility of the US government falters in the worst way. The position and power of the Republican party shrinks over time as the overall public puts the blame on them. They also express grave concerns over the inflation of the US dollar. Original Post: Prediction 59: Fiscal Cliff Deadline

The Facts: We have officially gone over  the Fiscal Cliff. Congress will miss a midnight deadline to avert the Fiscal Cliff even as President Obama and Senate Republicans agreed on a deal. The House will vote on the Fiscal Cliff in the coming days crossing the January 1st deadline.

Fox News Headline read on Jan 1st: “Senate leaders aim for vote on fiscal crisis deal, as Congress misses deadline” Quoted news. Read more:

Unbelievable such incompetence! The spirits have already clarified that a deal will be completed with the house in the coming days. We will recap the rest of this prediction as it happens.

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