Prediction 49: The Queen Passes Away

In the coming days, weeks, the great queen passes away. The world mourns her death. Expect to see a wave of funerals for world leaders. Three well-known leaders pass in the coming months.

Its unclear whether this is a correction to a previous prediction or its two completely separate individuals. Out of respect the notes are left out.

20 thoughts on “Prediction 49: The Queen Passes Away

  1. Oh, this would really signal that things are progressing well. Put your thoughts in this direction, people! Let’s help this one happen!

    1. What are you talking about! This is a very sad upsetting future event, why would you want this to happen?!!

  2. Quite agree with you Bob……why on earth would anyone want this to happen!!!!…..hateful, disrespectful and callous. Karen’s mindset will no doubt rebound back on her.

    1. This comment cracked me up….in retrospect the collective consciousness now specifically uses her name to stereotype people after she insulted your name. I must say it did rebound back on her. lol

  3. Oh. I see. You’re all materialists. That comment wasn’t for you. Please disregard until you wake up some.

    1. Rare that a left wing, republican communist as the infinite ability to comment let alone have an opinion. Enjoy your misfortune and seek solace in your ignorance.

      1. There there, Gaynor (and a simply *lovely* name that is too – your mother clearly loves you). I think you’re a little confused. It’s okay though. Just go lie down before you hurt yourself.

  4. No time to lie down to busy correcting the mistakes your lot make….never presume or make assumptions….to which you are wrong. Grow up. Typical your lot still dislike anyone who has the opposite opinion and fail to listen to the debate…thats why republicans will never be trusted…what’s the socialist mantra “you can’t educate a present and keep them down” . Future replies will not be acknowledge your are not worth the challenge or effort….slumming it with sarcasm shows your lack of knowledge or education.

  5. My lot? Who are my lot? Strongly suggest you do some PoliSci reading before your next comment. You have no idea what you’re talking about. And might I recommend you watch this: You might learn a couple of things and Lord knows there’s lots of room for that in your life. Be well, dear friend.

  6. David Icke….didn’t he give away all his possessions because he stated the end of the world had arrived…he also fails to obtain proof and evidence….the guys a wack job….you’d be better of reading Arthur C Clarke..that’s fiction for the easily led to learn the facts….ah, ah lol. Nice try..go away.

    1. Well, again you show your intimate knowledge of all things. You are funny.

      Why are you even on this sort of page? What’s your purpose? Is he your neighbor or something? You believe in a guy practicing his psychic skills but haven’t expanded your awareness to any greater degree. Pff. Is the rest of the truth too scary for you?

      Watch that video. Try to grasp this stuff. It’s not too tough, but neither is spelling and you’re not too good at that either, bless your little heart.

  7. Yawn…….!! As I recall you were the one who wished someone dead…. Shows your degree of ignorance in all things…try reading a proper newspaper rather than the beano….but at least you know who my neighbour is…..higher degree of awareness phhhff.

    1. Do you even have any comprehension of what death really is? Clearly not.

      But you are a royalist. That says it all.

      Precisely what would a “proper newspaper” tell me? It’s all lies. Surely even you know that. If not, go back to your tv and plug your mind back in. You might miss an advert.

    1. You have no idea what death is. I won’t wish you death because you clearly have so bloody much to learn yet that you’ve got a LONG life ahead of you.

      Every one of your posts above are so full of malformed thoughts/grammar/premises/arguments that you’ve rendered yourself utterly and irretrievably invalid. That’s quite an accomplishment but not one to be proud of. Perhaps you should take some time to examine why you think about things the way you do. Discover whether those thoughts are even your own or whether they were spoon fed to you through any of the multitude of social programming outlets we subscribe to under our current system. Between education and the media, you’re pretty well devoid of any original or personal thought. Consider that. Ponder it well. Then with a lot of hard work and a great deal of introspection you might find yourself.

      Good luck to you.

  8. Yawn, yawn, yawn. But at least I did not wish someone dead. Sad, irrelevant and utterly banal….you sound worse than a broken record. Your argument is without foundation and yet you still waffle on…..this does wonders for my research…..ponder the fact that you are irrelevant….and quite frankly this same sarcastic and caustic drivel has been used before….and you still haven’t really answered why you consider it acceptable to wish someone dead…..instead you have thrown out uneducated psycho babble….go away you irrelevant little person and take your hate filled words and thoughts with you….to take on the best, you must be the best… clearly are not….with your narrow minded, inbred thought processes….grow up get in the real world…
    I FOR ONE WILL DO THE HONOURABLE THING… AND REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOU ANY FURTHER YOU…..that way you can give the one brain cell you have a rest… long, goodbye it was nice stringing you along……ah, ah, ah, ah, lol.

    1. Oh good! Then I get the last word.

      You see yourself as having said anything at all of substance while I’ve said nothing relevant whatsoever. Not only that but you’ve said so in caps lock so it must really be very honorable and erudite indeed. Ego is a powerful defence mechanism, is it not? Yours is tottering off-balance.

      I’m going to make some guesses here. You’ve got some auto-immune disease(s). Something like diabetes or perhaps Addison’s, or perhaps even hypothyroidism. Maybe you have acid reflux as well – strong indications of such. Of course you’ll deny it here.

      It’s been less than fun, but maybe you’ve learned something somewhere deep inside. Perhaps this has been a catalyst for some change in you. Perhaps I’ve opened up something somewhere and now the seeds of change can germinate. I hope so, dearest Gaynor.

      My regards to the Queen next time she has you pop round for tea.

      1. Yawn….sad but true you are an egotistical jumped up self important wannabe….ps. it appears you make the same moronic, put down, sarcastic replies on other sites…perhaps it is your own power driven defence mechanism that leads you to ride rough shod over anyone and anything to get your last word in…..I feel sorry for are condemned to perpetual self importance….the best news is I now know who and what you are….oh and just to smack your over indulgent smug face… parent were killed by terrorist when I was five (I was the only survivor) I was brought up in a tough neighbourhood in foster care…eventually I gained a scholarship and through that I went to one of the best universities in the good old U.S of A. I often have tea with the president and have never met the Queen of Britain but I have met the Queen of Denmark…..i have perfect health and rarely see a doctor. You on the other hand, have been wrong on all counts and contrary to your own jumped up egotistical abilities, you should be locked up in a psycho ward……your writing and opinions and the way you dictate your views reminds me of a well know psychopath…he thought he was right and everyone was wrong too….the study did show you have those traits… and best wishes for your future…🔑🔓📩

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