Summation of Prediction 13

Prediction 13 has happened;  “A major earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia Wednesday afternoon with a reported magnitude of 8.6, sparking tsunami warnings for Australia and coastal nations across Southeast Asia, central Asia and parts of the Arabian Gulf. Experts cautioned that a tsunami warning signals a potential for an oversized tidal wave, not necessarily that it is imminent. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the powerful quake was centered 20 miles beneath the ocean floor.” Quoted by LA Times

Prediction 13 read:  In April, perhaps around the 12th,  the water will flood the area on a massive scale. There are large mountains sitting in the background. Time is in no ones favor.  Several rescue workers are sent to aid in the disaster.  The 12th is an estimate, they also used the number 22. They made it clear that this would happen in April. We have struggled on a location for this prediction, I was given the impression that several locations might be affected. The only clue provided was an association to the emblem of England with stars, unfortunately there are several countries that fall under that kind of flag. They also mentioned an earthquake. I don’t care to guess but with the timing next to nill and the mention of an earthquake this might be a tsunami which would explain the difficulty on a focused location.

A couple of things I should note: The Flood did not happen thank God. The date is off by one day but it should be noted that Indonesia is about 14 hours ahead of the US west coast.  As for the Emblem on England perhaps Australia.  Several locations were affected and it explains why finding a specific location was unclear.

Finally the biggest news is Prediction 3: “The Volcano erupts”, First the ground shakes, tremors everywhere. Then the volcano erupts violently…. This is the pre cursor to the Volcano prediction that is also supposed to unfold in the Asian Islands. I do unfortunately feel this prediction is closely on the horizon.

Expected time frame: April 12 2012 (Around the 12th)

Actual time frame: April 11 2012

Here is what the LA times wrote and I quoted:

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