The Summary

The Summary of Predictions:

To use this tool, click on the original post which is underlined to view the full original prediction. If the prediction has happened click on the second underlined title to see the full recap and summary of the prediction and compare it to the facts.

This is a list of all the Predictions in order. My hope is to simplify the successes and failures of these predictions in an order that makes it easier to read.   The different colors represent different meanings.

Green: Predictions that have unfolded. I have summarized each prediction by showing you the prediction and comparing them to the facts reported.

Blue: Predictions that have not unfolded, or are expected to unfold over a longer period of time.

Red: Predictions that did not happen.

Notes on 12-20-14

Notes 12-19-14

Notes on 12-16-14 US Terror Attack

Notes on 12-11-14 Portland School Shooting  Australia Siege

Notes on 12-10-14  Japan Earthquake

Notes on 12-6-14

Notes on 12-2-14  China Arrests Ex-security Chief for Leaking Secrets

Notes on 11-30-14 Imminent Threat

Notes on 11-21-14

Notes on 11-19-14  Typhoon Hagupit , Philippines Evacuate

Notes on 11-17-14

Notes on 11-15-14 Jerusalem Synagogue Attack

Notes on 11-12-14 Nagano Japan Earthquake Hostage Luke Somers Killed in US Rescue Attempt

Future of US Politics? -Notes on 11-6-14 Senate Approves US Spending Bill

Notes on 11-3-14 Republicans Take the Senate Mexico Protest Rages Rioting in Mexico

Predictions on 10-25-14  Typhoon Hagupit , Philippines Evacuate Philippines Typhoon Damage

Notes on 10-19-14 Wichita Kansas Plane Crash

Notes on 10-16-14

Notes on 10-14-14

Notes on 10-12-14 Ebola Prediction

Notes on 10-10-14  Mayor Marion Barry

Notes on 10-8-14

Notes on 10-4-14 Hong Kong Protests Police Brutality in Hong Kong

Notes on 10-1-14 Washington School Shooting

Notes on 9-28-14 New York Snow Storm  Possible Buffalo Flooding

Notes on 9-24-14

Notes on 9-20-14

Notes on 9-19-14 US Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria The Russian Ruble Is Collapsing

Notes on 9-17-14 Scotland Votes No Typhoon Fung-Wong Scottish Get New Powers After Rejecting Separation

Notes on 9-16-14 Flood of Wall Street UPS Shooting

Notes on 9-14-14

Notes on 9-12-14  Republicans Take the Senate Republicans Take the Senate  Philippine Ferry Sinks Shipwrecks

Notes on 9-10-14 ObamaCare Abortion Provision

Notes on 9-6-14 Imminent Terror Attack Subway Bombing in Chile Terror Threats Foiled

Notes on 9-4-14 North Korea’s Collapse

Notes on 9-3-14 The CIA Torture Report

Notes on 9-2-14 Terror Threats Foiled

Notes on 9-1-14

Notes on 8-30-14

Notes on 8-24-14 Russia Invasion Iceland’s Volcano Eruption

Notes on 8-20-14

Notes on 8-16-14 Iran Earthquake US Weighs Air Strikes in Syria US Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria

Notes on 8-10-14 Parliament Hill Shooting Ontario Canada

Notes on 7-30-14

Notes on 7-29-14 Iraq Air Strikes Australia Siege

Notes on 7-26-14

Notes on 7-24-14

Notes on 7-23-14 Landslide in Pune’s Ambegaon India Nepal Flooding Liberia Ebola Fears Ebola Ebola – New Jersey Quarantine

Notes on 7-21-14

Notes on 7-17-14

Notes on 7-16-14 Suicide Attack at Volleyball Tournament

Notes on 7-14-14 Rain Floods North East

Notes 7-12-14 Typhoons Impact Fukushima Reactor Typhoon Rammasun Ambush on Kenyan Bus Peru Drug Bust

Notes on 7-11-14

Notes on 7-7-14 Landslide in Pune’s Ambegaon India Cyclone Hudhud Strikes India

Notes on 7-4-14 Mexico Earthquake Super Typhoon Neoguri Suicide Attack at Volleyball Tournament

Notes on 7-1-14 Wichita Kansas Plane Crash Nepal Flooding Tropical Cyclone Hudhud 

Notes on 6-24-14

Notes on 6-22-14 Nigerian Mall Bombing

Notes 6-21-14 Earthquake in Alaska and New Zealand Small Tsunami Nigerian Mall Bombing Super Typhoon Neoguri

Notes on 6-18-14 American Visiting Israel Beaten By Police Poland Wins Mens World Championship

Notes on 6-16-14 Poland Scandal Alaska Tsunami Nigerian Mall Bombing

Notes 6-12-14 Wildfires Emergency Yosemite Fires Yosemite Fire and the Horror of ISIS

Notes on 6-10-14

Notes on 6-9-14 Pakistan Under Attack Again Nebraska Tornado Europe Flooding

Notes on 6-3-14 Tropical Storm Ana

Notes on 5-29-14 Boko Haram Attacks Mosque Miracle Baby

Notes on 5-28-14 Japan Oil Tanker Explosion Liberia Ebola Fears Brazil Prison Riot

Notes on 5-27-14 Japan Oil Tanker Explosion Israel and Gaza Conflict

Notes 5-24-14 Franklin Indonesia Volcano Eruption Tropical Storm Ana

Notes on 5-23-14

Notes on 5-20-14 Chennai: Under-Construction Building Collapses

Notes on 5-19-14 Japan Oil Tanker Explosion

Notes on 5-14-14 Turkey Violent Protest Portland Water Contamination

Notes on 5-13-14 Boko Haram? China Xinjiang Blast Explosives Suspect Found

Broken Tragedy Not expected till 2024

Notes on 5-8-14 Libya Boat Sinks Boko Haram? ISIS Terror Group Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga Icelands Volcano Begins To Erupt US Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria

Notes on 5-6-14 Indonesia Volcano Eruption Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga

Notes 5-5-14 FBI Rescued Children

Notes on 5-4-14 Portland Water Contamination Malaysian Plane Crash

Notes 5-1-14 Justin Bieber Arrested

Notes on 4-30-14 School Massacre Averted Veterans Hospital Shooting

Notes on 4-26-14 South Wales Flooding Japans Typhoon Neoguri

Notes on 4-24-14

Notes on 4-23-14

Notes on 4-20-14

Notes on 4-19-14 Eric Cantor Loses Re-election

Notes on 4-17-14 Papua New Guinea Earthquake Peru Earthquake

Notes on 4-15-14 British Columbia Earthquake Russia Demands Ukraine Pay For Gas

Notes on 4-12-14 Partial Tsunami Large Earthquakes Small Tsunami

Notes on 4-10-14 School Massacre Averted May 11th Timeframe

Notes on 4-6-14

Notes on 4-4-14 Cycolone Ita Cyclone Ita: Cooktown hardest hit Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga

The Next War Pakistan Battles Afghanistan

Notes on 3-31-14 Korea Ships Exchange Fire

The Future of China China Xinjiang Blast

Notes on 3-28-14 Salmonella Outbreak American Soldier Freed

Malaysian Plane  Information of Clarity

Notes on 3-24-14 Locating Missing Plane Malaysia Plane Search Moves North-East Pakistan Earthquake

Notes on 3-24-14 Pakistan Earthquake

Notes on 3-22-14 – Major Earthquake Chile Earthquake Earthquake in Alaska and New Zealand

Notes on 3-19-14 Peru Volcano Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga

Notes on 3-16-14 Possible Debris From Missing Plane Malaysia Plane Search Moves North-East Armed Men Open Fire in Ukraine Hurricane Arthur

Notes on 3-13-14 Malaysia Plane Search Moves North-East Bloody Ukraine Battle Israel and Gaza Conflict

Notes on 3-11-14 Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga Pope Francis Condemns Religious Violence

Notes on 3-8-14 North California Earthquake

Notes on 3-7-14 Donetsk Bridges Destroyed

Notes on 3-3-14 Crimea Occupation Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga

Notes on 3-2-14 California Earthquake North California Earthquake California Earthquake

Notes on 3-1-14

Notes on 2-26-14 Pennsylvania School Stabbing Iceland’s Volcano Bardarbunga

Notes on 2-25-14 Venezuela Three Diplomats Expelled and Turkey Corruption

Notes on 2-23-14 North California Earthquake

Presidential Assassintation

Notes on 2-17-14 Turkey Three Diplomats Expelled and Turkey Corruption Turkey Violent Protest

Notes on 2-12-14 President

Notes on 2-11-14 China Earthquake In China Xinjiang 11 Terrorist Killed

Notes on 2-10-14 Terror Attack Beirut Terror Attack Japan Earthquake

Notes on 2-7-14 China Japan Jet Encounter

Notes on 2-5-14 Plane Bomb Threat Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer

Notes on 1-31-14 July 4 attack

Notes on 1-28-14 Congressman Michael Grimm Threatens Reporter

Notes on 1-25-14

Presidential Assassination

Notes on 1-24-14 Columbia Mall Shooting Bank of America Examined

Notes on 1-22-14 Sochi Olympics India Flag

Notes on 1-21-14 Oklahoma False Alarm Nigeria Mob Attack President Viktor Yanukovych Falls

Notes on 1-17-14 Malaysia Jet Missing Possible Debris From Missing Plane

Notes on 1-15-14 China Earthquake Malaysia Jet Missing Possible Debris From Missing Plane Wall Collapse in China Malaysian Plane Shot Down

Notes on 1-14-14 China Earthquake Neoracism

Notes on 1-10-14 Washington Mudslide

Notes on 1-8-13

Notes on 1-6-14 Cyclone Dylan Micheal Dunn Trial Micheal Dunn Mistrial

Notes on 12-31-13 Earth’s Magnetic Field  Suicide Attack at Volleyball Tournament

Predictions for 2014 A yearly overview: Kim Jong Un’s Executions Taiwan Standoff Israel and Gaza Conflict

Notes on 12-28-13 Quakes Sinks Mexico Highway Terror Attacks in Russia Syria Bombs Lebanon China Earthquake Flames Engulf Kiev Ukraine

The Ambassador – Not Expected for decades

Notes on 12-22-13 Bombing in Egypt

Notes on 12-19-13 Bombing in Egypt Turkey Scandal Islamic-Jewish Hate on Washington Buses  The CIA Torture Report

Notes on 12-17-13 Massive Fire in Kingston Ontario

Notes on 12-14-13 Police Kill 20 in Xinjiang China Clash Bitcoin Crash Italy Earthquake and Mount Etna Hero Tyler Doohan In China Xinjiang 11 Terrorist Killed Bitcoin Bankruptcy

Notes on 12-13-13 High School Shooting in Colorado

Notes on 12-11-13 Egyptian Car Bombing Troops Sent to CAR Mississippi River Oil Spill

Notes on 12-10-13 Florida Tornado Italy Earthquake and Mount Etna

Notes on 12-9-13 High School Shooting in Colorado

Notes on 12-8-13 Sniper High School Shooting in Colorado

Notes on 12-4-13

Notes on 12-2-13 High School Shooting in Colorado Colorado Gunman’s Scrawl China Earthquake

Notes 11-30-13

Prediction for Obamacare 2014

Notes on 11-28-13 Australia Cyclone Cyclone Christine Cyclone Dylan Cyclone Ita: Cooktown hardest hit

Notes on 11-27-13 Big Storm Hits the East Coast North-East Storm Aleppo Bombing Syria Bombs Lebanon

Notes on 11-25-13 Big Storm Hits the East Coast Typhoon Matmo Hits Taiwan

Notes on 11-21-13 Iran Earthquake Yemen Hospital Under Attack Serial Killer Miranda Barbour

Notes on 11-20-13 Iran Earthquake

Notes on 11-18-13

Israel Crisis Israel Strikes UN School

Notes on 11-15-13 Comet ISON– expected time frame of 26th

Notes on 11-10-13 Children Saved

Notes on 11-5-13 P2

Notes on 11-5-13

Notes on 11-3-13

Notes on 11-1-13 Act of Kindness Let Go Save Yourself Hero Aitazaz Hassan Bangash

Notes on 10-31-13 Malala Yousafzai

Notes on 10-29-13 Boy on Stage with Pope Francis Typhoon Haiyan Aleppo Bombing

Notes on 10-25-13 Europe’s Major Storm Police Kill 20 in Xinjiang China Clash Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage

Notes on 10-22-13 Boko Haram’s Kidnapping Comet Causes Explosion on Mars

Notes on 10-19-13  Europe’s Major Storm Santa Barbara Shooting

Notes on 10-14-13 Philippines Earthquake Philippines Earthquake Survivors Santa Barbara Shooting

Notes on 10-12-13

Notes 10-11-13 Greece Earthquake Earthquake in Kermadec Islands Philippines Earthquake Philippines Earthquake Survivors Argentina Train Crash Israel Air Strikes and Settlement Protest

Notes 10-9-13 P2China Earthquake

Notes 10-9-13 Philippines Earthquake Survivors China Earthquake

Notes on 10-7-13 Earthquake in Kermadec Islands Typhoon Haiyan Destruction

Notes on 10-2-13 Moscow Protest

Notes on 9-30-13 Reaction of Government Shutdown

Florida Hurricane Path – Notes on 9-29-13

Notes on 9-28-13 Stocks Plummet Solar Flare El Salvador Volcano Erupts Deep Freeze Hits North America Survivor Captures Plane Crash Massive South-East Snow Storm Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized

Notes on 9-27-13 Syrian Army: Surrender or Starve Typhoon Haiyan Destruction Syria’s Starving People Cosmic Explosion

Notes on 9-23-13 : 50 Students Killed in Nigerian Agricultural College

Notes on 9-21-13  : Earthquake in Peru

Notes on 9-15-13 Syria

Notes on 9-14-13 : Our Deepest Respects : 50 Students Killed in Nigerian Agricultural College

Notes on 9-13-13

Notes on 9-12-13 California Earthquake

Notes on 9-9-13 Florida Hurricane

Notes on 9-9-13

Notes on 9-5-13 : Tropical Storm Ingrid Hurricane Ingrid’s Damage Mexican Storm Victims

Notes on 9-4-13

Righteous Hand

Notes on 9-2-13

Notes on 8-30-13 Martian Lake

Notes on 8-28-13 New York Train Derails

Notes on 8-23-13 Australia : Not expected for a decade

Notes on 8-23-13

Notes on 8-22-13 : Washington Shootings : Washingtons Tragic Shootings Capitol Shooting Greece Earthquake

Notes on 8-20-13 : Washingtons Tragic Shootings New York Train Derails Terror Attacks in Russia

Notes on 8-19-13 : Mexico Earthquake : Washingtons Tragic Shootings Terror Attacks in Russia

Notes on 8-15-13 : New Zealand Earthquake / Mexico Earthquake : Washingtons Tragic Shootings

Notes on 8-14-13 : 50 Students Killed in Nigerian Agricultural College

Notes on 8-13-13 : Typhoon Usagi

Notes on 8-12-13 P2 Fukushima Leak

Notes on 8-12-13 : Fukushima Nuclear Plant Leak

Notes on 8-10-13 The Rise of Libya : Not expected for a decade

Notes on 8-8-13

Notes on 8-7-13 : Parliament Hill Shooting 50 Students Killed in Nigerian Agricultural College

Notes on 8-5-13 – Terror Attack : Assassination Attempt in Egypt : Assassination Attempt in Egypt – 2

Notes on 8-2-13 Terrorist Attack : Assassination Attempt in Egypt : Egyptian Crackdown

Notes on 7-29-13 :Brazilian Serial Killer Thiago Rocha Typhoon Utor Strikes Philippines : Reminders Government Shutdown

Notes on 7-26-13 : Indonesia Volcano Erupts Al-Shabab

Notes on 7-25-13 : Al-Shabab 

Notes on 7-22-13 Congress Trouble Looms The Dollar Slides White House Scandals The Scandals Origins of NSA Scandal

Notes on 7-21-13 – Royal Baby

Notes on 7-21-13 Foiled Terror Attack? : Terror Attack Foiled

Notes on 7-19-13 Typhoons Impact Fukushima Reactor  Typhoon Fitow Typhoon Wipha Fukushima Leak

Notes on 7-17-13 : Goldman Sachs Scandal : Hawaii’s Storm

Notes on 7-16-13 Terror Attack Foiled

Notes on 7-15-13 Terror Attack Foiled

Notes on 7-13-13 Terror Attack Foiled The World Mourns Nelson Mandela

Notes on 7-10-13 Not expected till 2019

Notes on 7-9-13 Capitol Shooting

Notes on 7-8-13 : Nasdaq Shutdown Kenya Attack : 50 Students Killed in Nigerian Agricultural College Malaysian Plane Shot Down

Notes on 6-5-13 – Japan Typhoon Typhoon Fitow

Notes on 7-3-13 : Major Drug Lord Caught Myanmar Sectarian Violence Nelson Mandela Passes Away

Notes on 7-2-13 Super Typhoon Neoguri Japans Typhoon Neoguri

June 2013

Notes on 6-28-13 : Mexico Earthquake

Notes on 6-26-13 : Jet Crash

Notes on 6-23-13 : The 51st State of the United States

Notes on 6-22-13

Notes on 6-18-13 : Massive Explosion in Canada : Pharmaceutical Executives Arrested

Notes on 6-16-13 : Volcano Erupts

Notes on 6-15-13 : Saddledome Stadium Flooded : President Plane Diverted

Notes on 6-11-13 Tsunami

Notes on 6-10-13 : The Car in Flames : North Korean Cargo Ship Ferry Captain Arrested

Notes on 6-6-13 : Volcano Erupts Shale Gas Protest in Canada

Notes on 6-3-13 : JPMorgan Manipulating California Nelson Mandela Passes Away

May 2013

Notes for 5-31-13 : Fire Rages

Notes for 5-26-13 – Tsunami : Indonesia Earthquake

Notes on 5-24-13 : Cruise Ship Fire

Notes on 5-23-13 : Syria Crosses Red Line : Chemical Attack by Assad Tornados in Tennessee and Illinois

Notes for 5-20-13 : Terror Plot Foiled on Canada Day

Notes on 5-18-13 : Syria Crosses Red Line : Chile Earthquake : The Butcher Al Assad US Man Found Hanged Chinese Evacuate Vietnam US Airstrikes Over Syria

Notes on 5-14-13

Notes on 5-13-13 : Tornado : Car Bombing

Notes on 5-11-13

Notes on 5-9-13 : Cruise Ship Fire : Canadian Protest Over Police Misconduct Japan and China Tensions Rise

Notes on 5-6-13 : Venner’s Suicide

Notes on 5-5-13 : Turkey Bombing – 8,9

Notes on 5-3-13 : The 51st State of the United States

Notes on 5-2-13 : Three Predictions unfolded back to back

Notes on 5-1-13 : Philippine Volcano Spews Rocks North Korea Nuclear Test

April 2013

Notes on 4-26-13 : Russian Raid Ship Stuck in Antarctic

Notes for 4-24-13 : Football Player Arrested

Notes on 4-22-13 : Canada’s Foiled Attack

Notes on 4-20-13 : Colorado Avalanche : Tornado

Notes on 4-19-13

Notes on 4-17-13 : 2 Predictions unfolded as 0 is presented

Notes on 4-16-13 – The Enemy : French Embassy Attack , Spain Foils Attack

Notes on 4-16-13 – Bridge Attack

Notes on 4-13-13

Notes on 4-12-13 : Kim Jong-Un’s Spoon

Notes on 4-11-13

Notes on 4-10-13

Notes on 4-9-13

Notes on 4-7-13 : Hawaii’s Storm

Notes for 4-3-13 Not Spain but pockets of Europe.

March 2013

Notes on 3-30-13 : The Building Falls : Hovercraft

3-26-13 : Texas Fire : An Epidemic Rising Ebola

Notes on 3-17-13 Brazilian Serial Killer Thiago Rocha

Notes on 3-16-13 : Typhoon Utor Strikes Philippines : Typhoon Man-yi Hits Japan

Notes on 03-15-13 : Serial Killer: Virginia Soares de Souza : Malaysia’s Elections AIDS Medical Breakthough Kenya Water Supply

February 2013

20: Notorious Criminal Found – Band Breakup : Serial Rapist Found , The Band Breakup

19: Baby Bibbers : Russian Rocket Explodes Notes on 10-6-13  The Shutdown

18: Earthquake in Southern California 27th There was a moderate earthquake in Southern CA on the 11th.

17: Massive Fire and The Assassination P2

16: No Longer Scrapped

15: Half Mast for the First Lady

14: Flooding In Philippines

13: Football Player Woes :  Australian football player scandal. Australian Football Players / Meteor Site

12: President Assassination

11: South Africa Shooting : Pistorius: South African Shooting

January 2013

10: Tough Times in Australia : Cyclone Rusty, Cyclone Rusty, Another Storm has Arrived

9: Trail of Smoke The Mexico City explosion: For a tenative summary: Alaska Earthquake on Jan 31st

8: The New Drug Battle Not expected for a few decades

Coming Predictions and the 31st: Alaska and Oregon earthquake on the 31st. Summary: Alaska Earthquake on Jan 31st

7: Earthquake Around the 22nd There was a destructive earthquake in Indonesia on the 22nd but it was the wrong location predicted: Summary: Mistakes

6: Glowing Light : Humanities Future?

5: Coming Predictions Started, for the summary: Partisan Inauguration Speech

4: Libya Expected this decade

3: Germany Expected this decade

2: Autism Expected by the end of 2014

1: An Ending Epidemic Started with the medical breakthrough out of Queensland Institute: Summary: AIDS Breakthrough

December 2012

More Notes: The tragic death of the rape victim in India on the 29th and the noted Mexican Cult unfolded, Summary : Mexican Cult The 29th

Prediction 59: Fiscal Cliff Deadline: Congress misses the Jan 1st deadline

Prediction 58: Mass Destruction, The Black Smoke: On the 22nd of Dec Volcano Copahue erupts.  For details: Volcano Copahue Erupts on the 22nd

Coming Predictions : The Earthquake in Southern CA happened 12/14,

November 2012

Prediction 57: Foot Notes There was extensive flooding in Northern California and Volcano Copahue as well as many other Volcanos erupted

Prediction 56: Another Violent Tragedy : Connecticut school shooting

Prediction 55: Brazil Flooding Flooding in Jan 4th, timing off.

Prediction 54: Dark Times For The United States : Boston Marathon Explosion

Prediction 53: Somalia Terrorist : Al Shabab US Attacks Al Shabaab

Prediction 52; A New Wave of Terrorism Summary: Terrorist Claim Hostages

Prediction 7 Still Stands Obama is re-elected, and a prediction that the electorial vote would not be as close as projected. For a complete Summary click on post below:

October 2012

Prediction 51: Israel, Peace is Dead: Israel attacks Gaza. For a complete Summary click on the post below.

Prediction 50: War Escalates – Syria Invaded, Israel has attacked Syria not Turkey, we are still waiting to see if other events unfold

Prediction 49: The Queen Passes Away

Prediction 48: Massive Storm Strikes Latin America; Hurricane Sandy- Cuba and the Gulf of Mexico, For a complete Summary click on the post below:

Prediction 47: The Next Economic Problem; expected in the next few years

Prediction 46: Presidential Debates: Most of the prediction is accurate, some of it is not. For a complete Summary click on the post below:

Prediction 45: Sinking in the European Ocean: Though this prediction unfolded, its location was off. For a complete Summary click on the post below:

Prediction 44: Al Assad of Syria Surrenders

September 2012:

Prediction 43: The Falling Asteroid :

Prediction 42: The Presidential Debate: A mixed bag, they predicted a slight win for Romney, somewhat a tie, and it being boring. It was boring but Romney clearly won. For a complete summary of Prediction 42 click on the post below.

Prediction 41: Romney in the Hospital: Projected to fail, this prediction was mixed with other news we were working on.

Prediction 40: Flooding in Japan and  US Midwest: Typhoon Sanba and Jelawat strike Japan back to back. For a complete Summary click on the post below:

Prediction 39: The Economy: The first part has unfolded. The rest expected for 2013 For a complete Summary click on the post below:

Prediction 38: US Strikes Its Enemy: U.S. Strikes Taliban Commander

Prediction 37 Panic Attack / U.S. Politics: Romney Panic Attack; over his 47% gaffee video. For a complete Summary click on the post below:

August 2012:

Prediction 36: Gas Spike — Reuters reported a massive spike in gas, but in California. Some areas crossed 5 dollars. For a complete Summary of Prediction 36 click on this post:

Prediction 35: 21st Century Robin Hood: An interesting prediction about a hero in Spain, some parts have not unfolded. For a complete Summary of Prediction 35 click on the Post

Prediction 34: Mexico Massacre: Did not happen.

Prediction 33: Syria, Al Assad’s Reign Begins to Unravel:

Prediction 32: The Queen Passes:

Prediction 31: The Storm: This Prediction is a reflection of the last months of 2012, hurricane Sandy, the tragic shootings, and the fiscal cliff, there has not been a bridge attack. The Storm Arrived

July 2012:

Whats Coming: A listing of what we are working on, but two of the events unfolded prior to getting the details.  For a the summary of what was missed click on the Post.  —

Prediction 30: Texas Fire: For a complete Summary of Prediction 30 click on the Post

Prediction 29: Hurricane On East Coast: Hurricane Sandy, For a complete Summary click on the post below:

June 2012:

Prediction 28: The Fall of Bashar Al Assad: Unfolding Prediction, the last part of the prediction has unfolded.  For a complete Summary of Prediction 28 click on the Post:

Completed Summary of Pilot YouTube Video: Older predictions from YouTube that have now come to completion.

Prediction 27: Positive Jobs Report: 7.8% for the September report marking a change from the consistent 8%. For a complete Summary of Prediction 27 click on the Post below:

Prediction 26: Droughts of 2012: This prediction is unfolding now, the recap below shows whats happened so far.  For a complete Summary of Prediction 26 click on the Post

Prediction 25: European Leader Passes Away: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Passes Away

May 2012

Prediction 24: Celebration / Emergency: Emergency of Prince Philip during the Jubilee. For a complete Summary of Prediction 24 click on the Post below:

Prediction 23: Asian Island Volcano Erupts: Indonesia’s Mount Gamalama erupted. For a complete Summary of Prediction 23 click on the Post below:

Prediction 22: The New U.S. President: Prediction in the coming years.

Prediction 21: Oil Rig Destroyed: On Nov 16 there was an explosion on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico. For a complete Summary of Prediction 21:

Prediction 20: The Bus: Colombia Bus Fire

Prediction 19: Chinese Dissident: A prediction that did not happen.

Prediction 18: Meteor Mining: Mining Asteroids

April 2012:

Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack: A horrific Prediction with an unclear timeframe.

Prediction 16: Volcano Erupts P2 : Mexico’s Mount Popo, and a reflection of what would come next. For a complete Summary of Prediction 16 click on the Post below:

Prediction 15: Tornado in Missouri: Did not happen

Prediction 14; New Bailout:  A Prediction based on Spain’s Bailout For a complete Summary of Prediction 14 click on the Post below:

Prediction 13: The Massive Flood: A prediction with multiple flaws yet the Tsunami warning was clearly what they were referring to.  For a complete Summary of Prediction 13 click on the Post below:

March of 2012:

Prediction 12: The U.S. Supreme Court Decision: A Prediction based on the outcome of the Supreme court decision on Obama Care.  For a complete Summary of Prediction 12 click on the Post below:

Prediction 11: Brink of War: Unclear time frame, but its unfolding should be around the corner.

Prediction 10: Medical Breakthrough: This prediction is expected in 2050

Prediction 9: Earthquake in Baja California:  A Mexico earthquake that unfolded to date however its location was in the Southern coastal part of Mexico For a complete Summary of Prediction 9 click on this Post:

Prediction 8: Part 1, The New Dark Leader: Al-Shabab US Attacks Al Shabaab

Prediction 7: Next U.S. President: Obama has been re-elected

Prediction 6: The Precipice of 2012: Unfolding as there is unprecedent Artic melt, that picture really sums it up. For a complete Summary click on the post below:

Prediction 5: Sound Bites: Rick Perry Indicted

Prediction 4: Iraq Splits In Two : This Prediction is expected within the decade.

Prediction 3:  The Volcano Errupts:  The eruption of Mount Popo in Mexico. For a complete Summary of Prediction 3 click on the Post below:

Prediction 2: Nancy Passes Away : Did not happen.

Prediction 1: Train Crash in India: A horrible train crash that unfolded in Andhra Pradesh For a complete Summary of Prediction 1 click on the Post below:

In the past we had an expected time frame of the events to unfold between 3 to 6 months. As we move forward we plan to focus on closer timeframes, with that we also plan to step away from predictions that unfold years from now as seen in the earlier predictions.

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  1. Do you think the comment in notes for 9-27-13, “It’s the end of the world in the night sky” has any relationship to the comment in the notes for 9-28-13, “Because of the sun there will be a shutdown from space”? There seemst to be quite a bit on the web about the “grid” going down, I just wonder if this is what is meant by the “shutdown from space”?

    • Possibly, but its clear that one seems to be talking about a solar flare that I assume damages a satellite, knocks out our phones or something. The other is more about the destruction of a star or planet at a distance, space is a big deal that will captivate the world soon, they know it and are starting to poke at predictions related to outerspace.

  2. Hi Eric, I just assumed that you had seen the devastating effects of the latest Super Typhoon Yolanda (Typhon Haiyan) in the Philippines. I love reading . Iyour blog and the predictions as well.

    Keep it up. I’m now following you!

    • Hi Lamberto, yes we recapped the prediction from 3-16 about Typhoon Haiyan, if you wanted to read the entire prediction please type in Typhoon Haiyan under the search engine. Very horrible situation, very upsetting. As for the prediction on 3-16, we are still waiting for yet another Hurricane in Florida. Thanks for following.

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