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Mississippi River Flooding

This prediction has happened. I have to assume that the Spirits meant to say Levees not a damn.

Predictions on 12-29-15   They talked about a damn breaking or failing to work creating a huge flood.
(They implied the south US perhaps Mississippi)

EUREKA, Mo., Jan. 2 (UPI) — St. Louis, Mo., can finally clean up after historic floods as the swollen Mississippi river surges downstream, carrying with it the risk of more flooding in rural Missouri and Illinois.

NBC News reported a total of 11 levees failed after ten inches of rain pounded the state over a three day period. Roughly 150 homes were underwater in Arnold, Mo., on Friday. Quoted by: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2016/01/02/Mississippi-river-flood-surge-moves-South/2511451774119/

Prediction 57: Foot Notes

Footnote predictions are mini messages of coming events. Eventually we want to nail down a What, Where, When for each footnote. Footnotes will be added in with the more detailed predictions we roll out.

There will be a flooding in NorthWest US. Rescues will be required.

Troubling news for AIG or Partner, the books are faded, the government investigates.

We are expecting a volcano eruption as well, we are working on the where.