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Notes on 5-29-14

“Homeless” – Spirits Voice.. I had a visual of a massive group of people who were destitute in a desert land and a beautiful light came down from the sky blanketing all of them. The visual switched and a child stood by two large doors that were opening up, once open a massive light came from the other side of the door. “The child is surrounded by the father… a message.. a miracle.. hope. — “World Predictions Glossary Reference: Father

“We are the authenticator..”

“Iran’s list.. almost complete.. the shackles around them are finally loosened.”

They implied this prediction would have European ties:
I had a visual of a building with several lit candles placed in front. Then a man came in shooting those in the building. In the visual the building seemed old.  Some of the candles were bundled together. Is this a literal or symbolic place? Perhaps a church or funeral?  “14.. like Belguim”

Eric’s Comments: It was a beautiful vision, perhaps related to Syria refugees. In the past homeless is used to describe ‘that without a home’ and not a message of poverty. They have used this message for individuals who lost their homes in fires. The child was at the center of this miracle. The doors could be a reference to death or the spiritual realm.