Gunman Storm Iran’s Parliament

This prediction has happened. Please pray the safety of all those affected in Iran by this horrible act. The terrorist where dressed as women which explains the odd message of why they dressed with a hijab, however I am unclear as to why the shirt was orange.  Persia is an old reference to Iran. The 7 represents the date, the 7th. There are no ties to the predictions about football.

Predictions 6-3-17   “Charge.. Charger! Someone slammed him on the floor.. 7.”

“The old prediction has come full circle.”

I had a visual of 1 to 3 people loading guns and walking quickly on a street. In the vision they oddly wore black Hijabs with orange shirts.

Is there a woman in the mix? Is the orange a reference to prison?  Is 7 a date or countdown?

Predictions 4-30-17  “A new breed of terrorist rise, in Persia, in the gulf, calculated, cunning and very effective.”