Russian Plane Shot Down

 Predictions: 7-23-18 

This prediction has happened: 

I had a visual of a plane crash. The inside of the plane was hollowed out. The debris was everywhere. Then it shifted to show a visual of the old plane crash the one in Ukraine. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. “In minutes” Spirit is comparing a new plane crash with the Malaysia plane crash, either the plane coming is attacked or shot down, or perhaps it has ties to Russia? Or Malaysia?

The first part of this prediction about a “hollowed out” might be a reference to the Mexico plane crash.

Possible link to old prediction:  Mexico Plane Crash

Malaysian Plane Shot Down

Unfortunately this prediction has happened. It was a constant contradiction in their predictions of what we believe were the missing Malaysian plane, its debris was  over the land but landed in the ocean. It was shot down but then they said they mentioned out of time or ‘too late’. Now it clear, they are talking about two different Malaysian Planes. My opinion of it being about Syria was wrong.

Notes on 7-8-13 I had a visual of men on the ground with grenade launchers shooting at planes in the sky. I never saw the plane but heard it in the background.

Notes on 1-15-14 I had a visual of an airplane in mid-air and then it exploded, it switched and I looked at the ground, the debris was everywhere. “Terror took their lives” — 26

These predictions are related to the Missing Malaysian plane:

Notes on 1-17-14 I saw a plane that was on the tarmac, on its tail was the number 20. “too late.”

Notes on 3-16-14
“Look to the south..”
“Passenger 45.. is to blame.”

Notes on 3-13-14 “The plane will be found North East of where you’re looking”
Notes on 3-24-14 Locating Missing Plane I had a visual of the spirits pulling out a map and laying it down, on the map was Indonesia, in the center of the map was Bali.
“Indonesia.. around the area of Bali.. not just the sea.. north-east of where you are looking now.. 5,4,3,2,1,0.. Those of you who can convince them to look in that area please make those efforts.”

Notes on 4-24-14 “you need to look farther north move closer to Indonesia.. seatbelts.. seatbelts.. 17 across is how far north” — They are saying the plane will be found 17 degrees latitude, that’s how far north it is. Seatbelts?