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Unknown: The New Era “Eyes Opening”

So as we expand how much we share here, going from just predictions to all aspects of my Spiritual life there are parts that are still in question. Do we share behind the curtain too? The essence. From the raw behind the messages of friends talking to one another not having an audience yet..those honest conversations of the moment..

Initially the answer was no. No that would offend someone. No. No. No. But now I question am I denying you their personality? Their feeling of that moment. What they feel about our actions? Or should that be as restrictive as all of our own reality is. Would you share yours?

Then there is this massive pot sitting on the back burner. Distant Predictions. We are building two of them one in, 3707 and the other in 2217. Looking into this distant future is honestly just so awesomely fascinatingly wonderful. You just look at this future and want to hug the world today and say “It’s going to be OK”.

But looking thousands of years ahead is like a caveman trying to work a cell phone. Is this a shiny brick I am supposed to build with? Why is that man putting it to the side of his head? Oh my there is a little man inside talking? Seriously put yourself in that mindset. Understand that I would have to explain with caveman limitations. So in creating the message Spirit has shifted to really carrying on the conversation without me and talk directly to that future. Making it even more confusing for me.

Which brings us back to you. It’s on the back burner because I need a basic understanding of what I am looking at. There are now almost 8 million of you, and I would like to be able to say more than “I have no idea what that is?”

I also need a much better way of presenting it, we need to create categories for each topic, but that requires an entire website. So for now we wait, we will trickle and share the behind the scenes to see how it plays out.

Which brings us to our dual point. I was asking about an update recently on Coronavirus. They talked about what I assume is a third hurricane huge in size coming in the gulf and how it would crush any chances of containment. Egypt, Southern African region, all about to be hit. Then they quickly shifted to share the “Era of Vulgarity” was closing, back when they said racism would proudly reign and wasps would pour out of the mouths of leaders. I remember think Nazis? Never.. A new era is beginning now. “Era of Eyes Opening”.

Then this message came through (below). However the pickle I find myself in is afterwards we jumped on a previous prediction in 3307, and to be clear that prediction is about our health and our bodies, So is the message describing this new Era? It sounds like the dust up could be Covid19? Or is it attached to the epic events of the 34th century? TheSo since we are all sharing now.. 😀.. here you go. Thoughts?

I had visual I was staring down at a planet in the dark. I stood at an angle from the side, slowly drifting towards the magnetic pull. Then suddenly there was a large boom that lasted way to long. The ground lifted on the entire planet and then slammed down creating one massive dust storm that swept across the land with such fury.
Then just as the dust begin to settle there was a beaming light, a white slightly tinted green bright pulsar coming from one spot on the planet. Then the dust had passed.. The light became brighter and brighter. There was a hum now louder and louder. Eventually it would light up a huge part of the planet. It grew in epic portion. But not all spaces.
Then the angle shifted. “What is failed to be recognized” Spirit whispered and pointed. I looked directly down from the space of the pulsar. The ground was changing? Becoming attached to the light? A foundation was forming? Something else was being created that would last well beyond its moment.
Then I had a visual of four large portraits. Very artistic pictures. Detailed. As I walked down the hall the first was Robert Johnson on a small stage sitting with his guitar. The second was Sigmund Freud. reading a book, the third was a very old portrait of Issiac Newton. The final picture was a white canvas, you could see lines forming, brush strokes of paint forming from nowhere. Then it switched back to show bolts of lightning spiraling out of the Pulsar.

Caveman?.. I hope not because it sounds nice, and we need nice here and now.