The 19th?

Spirits words:
“Vancouver Canada.. tide.. tide.. extensive damage.. 12.. duplicate.. ”

A Retraction.  I apologize for such a massive mistake, the spirits quickly pointed out our mistake. This message still holds, something to add it is a type of flooding, and a river is also involved. But the Vancouver situation is unrelated to the black smoke that also hits a city, and is some type of poison, but not Vancouver, the notes for that day will be removed. Another Canadian prediction should be coming in the weeks involving the aboriginals.

In other News: On May 16th Cyclone Mahasen struck the southern coast of Bangladesh on Thursday, lashing remote fishing villages with heavy rain and fierce winds that flattened mud and straw huts and forced the evacuation of more than 1 million people.

The Prediction: Its looking like the Myanmar peninsula and surrounding nations could be the area of mass flooding, and its suppose to be very extensive flooding.  The original message  from Notes on 5-1-13 : I had a vision of a peninsula sitting quietly then it was consumed by water in the worst way. Nothing was left untouched by the massive flood that unfolded. It was presented from above the sky and its location was difficult to make out. It could be Florida and they have…

The biggest news is the 19th is still open for discussion, with Cyclone Mahasen now over, it begs the question what does the 19th bring?  The Prediction:

On May 19th it comes… “What?”… I had a vision of large ocean waves coming into the shoreline consuming the ports. Then it switched to a young twenty year old Asian man standing with a face of concern. –