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Three Church Fires in Louisiana

Please pray for all those affected by this horrible attack.

From what I have heard there is nothing about a gun? However I believe these two message are related because I could remember the tone of pure hate that made me feel sickly.

Predictions 3-12-18 “Hate rises.. racism flourishes.. violent attacks.. terror attacks committed from within.. all sides implode from the Neo Nazis.. to the extreme left.. never before has there been this level of upheaval and violence since the Jim Crow days.”

Predictions 8-16-17 I had three visuals back to back: I had a visual of the barrel of a large gun going off, a small smoke stack came out of it. I had a visual of the remnants of a burnt destroyed building, either it was bombed or burned down.

There is also a Louisiana fire reference in the prediction highlighted but in the prediction it is said to be in Baton Rouge, so it’s connection is questionable : Predictions 3-22-18