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Assam India Fire

Stay safe India. This tragic prediction has happened. The town has evacuated 7000 people.
The initial blow out happened on the 27th, this report was made on the 9th.

WORLD PREDICTION: 5-19-20 I had a visual I was high in the atmosphere, looking down I could see India, Then suddenly there was fumes or smoke coming up in one part of the atmosphere, There was a jolting fear over the threat the fumes posed to the public. Then everything turned black and red.  

I had a visual of a man standing by a wall or building , there was vapors all around him choking him. 

In 10

This sounds like a horrible accident of some kind. Perhaps from a chemical plant or nuclear power plant. There was a huge concern over the spread of this air poison on a mass scale. Then I believe they confirmed it by showing everything in red and black. 
In 10 could be a countdown to the 28th or 29th, or perhaps they are saying the 10th.