Assam India Fire

Stay safe India. This tragic prediction has happened. The town has evacuated 7000 people.
The initial blow out happened on the 27th, this report was made on the 9th.

WORLD PREDICTION: 5-19-20 I had a visual I was high in the atmosphere, looking down I could see India, Then suddenly there was fumes or smoke coming up in one part of the atmosphere, There was a jolting fear over the threat the fumes posed to the public. Then everything turned black and red.  

I had a visual of a man standing by a wall or building , there was vapors all around him choking him. 

In 10

This sounds like a horrible accident of some kind. Perhaps from a chemical plant or nuclear power plant. There was a huge concern over the spread of this air poison on a mass scale. Then I believe they confirmed it by showing everything in red and black. 
In 10 could be a countdown to the 28th or 29th, or perhaps they are saying the 10th. 

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  1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    Why are people headed towards the fire?!

  2. Neal Avatar

    My prayers for the fire victim’s. Eric sorry to ask off message question. We have been in CORONA pendemic from last nearly 90 days in India and I guess US also. Need to know when this will end or atleast a drug or Vaccine is made. Can’t see any signs of this ending. Please help !

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The spirits are predicting it step by step. We should have another update in a about a week. I would definitely look over the last post because It does shift a bit as the medical community looks for solutions.

      1. Neal Avatar

        Thanks Eric. God bless you. Waiting for some positive news. Lately world has become lonely and scary. I am in Mumbai here it’s like your in zombie world around. It seems disease and the corruption are killing the city fast.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          It’s like being in a horror movie. Or if you know the name a Stephen King novel. Today had great news!

  3. petemedium Avatar

    This Week’ Blog Is Not Spiritual, It Questions Politics.
    But Isn’t That, In Itself, Relating To The Spiritual?

    “Isn’t it a case that laws and their implementation in most democracies, are as a result of a conspiracy by a few powerful internationals, for the advancement of their ideals, at the expense of the majority?”

  4. Gracie Avatar

    You once predicted that during the end of decade in 2020 a big tsunami would take place that would affect more than 30 countries . Do you still see it coming or not ?

  5. Kali X Avatar
    Kali X

    Eric; I think this is the under attack you mentioned

    What is crazy who has that kind of cyber power?

    1. Cody Avatar

      Kali X,

      “No, There Wasn’t a Major DDoS Cyberattack on the U.S.—Despite ‘Anonymous’ Claims, Experts Say”

      1. Kali X Avatar
        Kali X

        Oh I see; my apologies!

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      What happened?

      1. Kali X Avatar
        Kali X

        I incorrectly and others assumed it was DDoS attack all over the world, but it turns it out was just the Phone Service Merger.

  6. Jerry Avatar


    For the past several years you’ve been suggesting Trump might leave in July. In September of last year you wrote “What crossed my mind is that perhaps next July might be the “over” message. October seems way too quick.”

    Do you have any thoughts about next month? One tarot reader predicted the resignation of Donald Trump to occur on July 7th.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It’s possible July might be a reference to the infamous July Ukraine phone call. There is still another prediction about health issues. With that said I would type in titanic in the search engine I honestly believe now it’s trump.. not 100% though?

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