New Class Schedule

I am very sorry but we had to change the date! No longer on the 7th.

New Class: 3
“How To Connect To the Divine”
Edgar Cayce called it the
Akashic Records. Buddhist call it Nirvana. Eric calls it the Shimmer, or Shimmy because the energy glows with white mist and ambers of fire lighting the mist with a beautiful glow. Together you and I will explore this being, this place, and all things related to this one force that fuels all of my work. Without the Shimmer there would be no World Predictions, it is the source of all the power.
November 17th At 6:00 PM to 730 PM

Eric— In case you didn’t notice we changed back to the old version of the site, it’s not because I can’t make up my mind, but some horrible glitch. Several of you contacted me to tell me the website crashed. It seem to affect phones specifically. But the only solution WordPress and I could figure out was to reset it back to its original form. So we have, please let me know of any further glitches.

Also coming soon the sequel to our series “Halloween Special” but take a look at the first one, where I poke fun at all my ghost hunting fans that I adore and appreciate with overwhelmingly admiration, fun fact my Spiritualist brother Aaron, gifted with the same talents as mine is coming to ghost hunt my house this October! Sounds Fun!

5 responses to “New Class Schedule”

  1.  Avatar

    I am so bummed! But still looking forward to this class. – javamyworld

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am so sorry. I hope to see you at the third class.

  2. Dana Kelly Avatar
    Dana Kelly

    When I try to meditate on what my form would be if I were no longer in my current physical form, the Shimmer is exactly how I see it! I have never heard anyone describe it the same way. I also feel warm and yet at the same time have no feeling, it’s harder to describe. Like a sense of rightness, everything just… is. Like I am disconnected from everything yet at the same time, part of everything.

    Thankyou for sharing this with us, it’s definitely helped cement some of the things I have been experiencing.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You are connected! The best question to ask, is what does it want from you?

  3. javamyworld Avatar

    No worries, Eric; I’m still coming to this class. I’m just looking forward to it. — jmw

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