Greece Floods

What is Coming in 2023 Ignoscoa Rises The Year Ignoscoa Rises. But hidden behind it a new challenge, a new monster, a new threat rises. Its not Putin, Its not Covid or another horrible virus. But without action it will become our biggest issue moving forward. Its name simply put is Water. What is coming in 2023 “The year water ruined us.”

The World Predictions of 2019 These predictions are either happening now in 2023 or predictions we expect in 2023 and 2024.

World PredIctions 9-13-19 The continued conversation about Greece: I had a visual I was looking at a current world map. Then they showed a map from a very distant past showing that Greece at one time use to be a much larger land mass, almost twice its size. Then it shifted again to show an entire region buried under the ocean in pieces. I had a visual I was in a distant past looking at different regions of the world. From Rome, showing individuals holding swords dressed in old garb looking up to the sky filled with smoke. Israel had columns of smoke from a distance. Then it shifted to show Greece where everything turned black with smoke, lava was a raging river on the floor while in other parts of the region lava shot up high in the air like huge explosions. . An epic volcano eruption that would crack a portion of Greece’s land, leading it to sink into the ocean. The history of our past.

Three back to back events will plague Greece, Flooding, Fires, and a Volcano, all historical events back from history. Again the 2018 and 2019 predictions seem to dominate the now. For some reason they are coming in droves. You have to click on the links of each message in 2018 and 2019 to get a clear picture.

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  1. Hi Eric, there is a new video on youtube from a few weeks ago from a interview of a former psychic with Michael Knowles and its gained a lot of views.

    Long story short its painting that all Psychics are just talking to demons. Making Christianity or catholic faith as the only way least I think this is what Michael is trying to push here.

    Did this psychic simply was not operating at a certain level with the creator?

    I just don’t know how I feel about it, I walk the line between as a Nature Pagan/Wicca (because the Earth needs healing) and with the Cross as I respect and acknowledge Jesus, and the Creator. I pray to them sometimes when its most needed, and sometimes I like to talk to them when in private.

    In fact you reinforced my faith in the Creator when I was looking for direct answers to life, and I was surprised how much you and me overlapped on things I long studied on while learning some new things, and I thank you for that.

    Heck, if you were talking to demons I think your life would have been turned upside down years ago, but your life journey has led you to some beautiful outcomes from the some personal things you have shared with us.

    But it feels like I’m being attacked in this video to some extent just because I don’t fully walk the path of the Cross for personal reasons because I feel like in my heart and faith its not where my life path is compatible with because of the rigid Dogma of the Church, and some questionable passages which I rather avoid a random debate with someone on here because seeking the truth is a personal journey as I found, and I usually try to keep my views to myself as much as I can.

    I do feel sincerely bad for her experience that caused her to become a former psychic, but this Michael feels like he is pushing a agenda.

    I’m not full on psychic as I cannot directly tap into that in my waking life, but I do have dream visions since I was a kid that can or did come true, and its painting me like my gift is from some demonic source which I object to for a lot of reasons. Heck, I found the ability was turned off for a time because it was considered dangerous for me according to spirit (at the time I was very low spiritual, I was going down the wrong path unlike today where my life was completely turned around from a psychic friend, oh boy SHE SO EVIL, no just no).

    Reason I’m bringing this up to you because I feel like there is going to be some kind of direct attack on psychics on a more mass scale considering how many people out there that had some kind of bad experience outside the main faith that converted them over to Christian or Catholic in that video commenting (which I think most of these people attacking psychics don’t realize they most likely were operating from a lower source and don’t understand nuances and forces involved that all faiths have to deal with) and it seems from the conservative side of faith (and Michael Knowles is one of those people) trying to harshly judge us again for believing in a different faith that does not have a cross on it.

    I’m trying hard not to judge as you provided that lesson that humans should learn from the creator, but its getting tiring to have major faiths constantly berating and judging us for not being part of the church in order to “save us”. I don’t need saving because I know everything I do in this life is own my responsibility and my own happiness. It all starts internally, and not externally.

    I do what I can for the Creator and Jesus, and other Divine forces in our universe in the best way I can even if its a small thing.

    I do wonder how these churches are going to react if another faith on some other planet doesn’t operate like they do? How would they react? With disgust or have a epiphany that not everything is monotonous?

  2. Tirin, personally I try to ignore these kinds of things, its a bottomless pit of different and sometimes very black opinions. I’ve been down a few different religious roads (but not psychic) in my life, which all seemed to be good ideas at the time. I think they’ve added a lot to my perspectives of where I am now, to understand where others go and why. They also wasted a lot of my youth. Looking back, I see these people as very naive, some controlled, just searching for external meaning and purpose, rather than looking for answers in themselves and connecting with the Creator via Meditation.

    Is it productive for me to go back and relive everything? No, perhaps to just be appreciative that the experience and understanding has given me a pathway forward, to be more “enlightened” (even a little bit) than before.
    IMO it is better to look at the way forward, what spiritual challenge is coming up not the last one. Some people might find value in some of these detours – a life of drug dependence and crime versus commitment to non-violent fundamentalist views, so perhaps there is some merit in these. But moving onwards is obviously a better path, one which you are certainly progressing with, much further than me.

    For all these “detours”, and there are many, I do find value in reading how those people ditched these journeys, gaining higher levels of awareness and how their lives changed when they got rid of the shackles that impeded their spiritual growth. For readers in Australia, I found the video “Kingdom” by Marc Fennell very useful. It does interview many Americans in the show and their experience of religion in the US, but unfortunately I expect that it is geoblocked.

    I think the key here is to be widely read, don’t just take the work of Eric as the sole source (even with him being good as he is lol) as of your information, cross check it with others such as Pete, and other recommended others and as they say, seek enlightenment from within yourself through Meditation (still really struggling with that).

    Good luck with your journey, I’m not sure if it answers any of your questions.

    1. No, your answer eased me a bit, I’ll continue onward and do what I feel is right for me.

      I also need to meditate more which I also struggle with.

      I have tried to do comparison research with Eric, Pete, Jeanne, and many others over the years. Some overlap, and some others operate a little differently.

      Its a giant struggle to put it all together I found, sometimes I needed to step back.

      1. Imagine the ultimate puzzle. 100,000 pieces of knowledge in all things faith. Imagine the size of those cosmos, count the planet and stars, each one, all of that tha is just outside of the very small planet earth. And ask yourself, can a being that created all of that, be summed up in one small book? Consider that humanity at best, has 7 or 8 of those puzzle pieces that explain it all. Now all of us are looking at those pieces and saying they don’t fit each other, it’s doesn’t entirely make sense?. But consider the endless puzzle pieces in between the two linking it all together that you just don’t have. We know nothing, and anyone claiming to know it all or paint us all with the same brush is a Idgit.
        Now as I see it. There are two orbits of faith. First is the one serving the above. The cosmos, the creator and the King. Here the creator has many faiths. Three alone in the Judeo faith. It’s here that we look up to the stars and ask the very top for help. Then there is a second orbit of multiple faiths, that ground under your feet. This massive sphere we call earth. Service here has an immediate tangible effect. As you said yourself with visions and dreams. Here service works differently, your not going straight to the top, your asking the planet, your deceased relatives and ancestors for help, ask them to go to the top for you.
        Two completely different ways of following the Spiritual Realm.
        The key as I see it, the ultimate truth I have learned. Is you should serve both. Put that Ying and Yang symbol on its side, one force above you and another underneath you, serve them equally and you have what I have, a tangible force, one that can be used to bring unwavering change.

      2. Best to stop trying to put it together, look at it like endless cosmos, there is no box that big. No Category to sum it up in. It is a great expanse

  3. Eric,
    These questions are off-topic, but do you still see Russia doing something involving nuclear weapons, or has that changed?

    Also, have the spirits given you any confirmation as to what the black book prediction was about?

    1. B is looking right as I begin to look, I strongly question flordia now, some type of terror attack. But here in the US or Elsewhere. Assassination. Very ugly. But by tomorrow we should post.

        1. It’s starting to sound like Rob is right, the black book is something else entirely, violence on a massive scale, nothing to do with weather at all. Something odd? We plan to post tomorrow.

  4. Eric

    What do you see happening with this nipah virus in India do you see it going global?

    1. Fun Fact: The era of Climate Change, ends with the Planet stepping in, and science prevailing. The planet sets off multiple massive volcanoes, like something out of Pompeii, that massive smoke cloud.. ends climate change? Thats what they predict. Not expected till the end or beginning of the Century

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