World Predictions: Economic Fall and the Next Great Problem Has Arrived

The Ruble is set to fall rapidly. As Russia squeezes the food supply Inflation will rise. Brace yourself. But Inflation will rise much higher for Russia. Then the house of the common man in Russia will not be paid. A real estate nightmare awaits the Eastern continent. Our “Wicked Bill” has arrived for Russia and all that align with Russia will fall into its snare of economic ruin.
Old Predictions: World Prediction: Argentina Posted 7-16-22 What is the new problem? From terrorism, to Covid19, to Russia, these are the shifting problems of our world set on longer time lines. According to old predictions the ”New” problem coming for the world is food shortages and then global famine.World Predictions: 9-8-22 “The bill of your wicked war is due Russia, the economic fallout and economic nightmare is about to arrive.” I had a visual of tanks crossing a frozen lake, the lake floor shimmered with gold beneath it. Many predicted the Army of tanks would sink in the lake but so far they had not. As the tanks crossed all seemed well, but in this moment the ground cracked, their was a sudden shake, and a loud popping as their foundation cracked. The gold started to sink in the depths of the the cold water.
World Predictions 10-18-22 “Vladimir Putin, in the end you will only be remembered as another Rasputin. That which brought it all down”

Solutions from the Spiritual Realm
Consider you hold weight. You have power. You can fix this. The war will not end on the battle field. As we predict, it ends with the collapse of Putin. So help it collapse, like a swarm of 8 billion Bees we request, call your Russian friends, family, associates. With one question.Why are you doing this?
The Autocrat Vs The Democrat They are both flawed. The Autocrat, a silly concept. One man more smarter, more equipped to solve all the woes of the nation, a mind greater then millions of others? Silly. The Democrat, falsely built a society of “Me” and it is burning all of you. “My right. My liberty. My freedom.” Me not you. Both concepts serving the One. Consider fixing your systems…Inflation? Build community farms, Where food is provided by your dirt rich hands, use it as a buffer.

Bea is in the hospital. Prayers please. ❤️

Changes! We are making changes. First, Videos. We aim to split this concept into two parts at the advice of the great and truly noble D.D! The Journal with the Sphere, will continue as we share the stories of the Spiritual realm, But we also plan to make ‘shorts’, quick 5 minute predictions of what is next presented like news. Spirit also reminded me, my audience is not all English speaking. So we will attach the ‘shorts’ with a post of written predictions so it can be translated. I will have to solve the Journal situation later.

To solve out timing issues, The Spirits are now warning us when one of their old predictions happen. But wow are we stumbling. Making everything so confusing. Earlier in the month I said “Earthquake Big 2” They presented it as if on the blog already. But which prediction? I then warned you this would come World Predictions 10-6-19 , but I picked the wrong one! Two days later this came World Predictions 6-5-19 Then I did it again with this “Tide”. Pointing to the wrong moment. This time they reflected, pointing to this prediction coming World Predictions Journal 3 and Japan as the target of this Tsunami. So the Spirits and I met to iron this out and created a more sound post above. With solutions. Do not underestimate, community farms. It’s what we do in the future to fix starvation. If, Everyone had a chicken we wouldn’t run out of eggs. You might not be able to grab Putin at the Kremlin, but you can grow an apple tree. In the meantime, Eric, is stocking up, on cans, on cooking oil, flour and rice.

Finally I want to do a Live Streaming event. I have absolutely no idea how to do that. I want to connect to all of you in person. I want to get to know you. Advice? Ideas? What should we discuss? I am thinking September?

15 thoughts on “World Predictions: Economic Fall and the Next Great Problem Has Arrived

  1. When you said that the tank’s would cross a lake littered with gold at the bottom, was that a figure of speech or a literal meaning?

    1. This post is entirely symbolic. “The foundation cracks” But this is another flaw on the site. Because unless you have been following us with every single post, you wouldn’t know this post is a set. Scattered between multiple post.
      According to the predictions Putin is lying. No surprise. He is not invading Ukraine for patriotism or because he believes there are Nazis there. According to them he sees “Gold”. It’s entirely financial. He wants what’s at the “Bottom of the Lake” But the opposite is coming. His desire for gold will be his undoing. He will be “Tanked”
      Tanks? Lake? Frozen? Again something later in the year will come to end this. When cold is back. Images again reflecting a timeline, and I believe we will see some future event and reflect to this one.
      Sorry this post was utterly abstract. A read between the lines story about a sinking armada.
      I will add, in the post is tone. One of the biggest flaws, and reasons we shift to video is because I can’t give you tone here.
      In the prediction the implications and prediction was. The fall of Putin will happen all at once. All at the same time. Rapidly. Just like all the tanks falling into the lake represents.

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