World Prediction: Argentina

Anarchy rages in South America on the west coast. The agricultural needs strangled. Protest leads to violence. The ’new problem’ rises. 

World Predictions 5-29-22

The Spirits are tapping me over this specific message from May and pointing to the plights of Argentina. Please Argentina prepare, this world prediction is starting to unfold.

What is the new problem? From terrorism, to Covid19, to Russia, these are the shifting problems of our world set on longer time lines. According to old predictions the ”New” problem coming for the world is food shortages and then global famine.

Together is the only way out.

18 thoughts on “World Prediction: Argentina

  1. hey eric. can you make a comment button for under the main post.? i had to click on the post, and was lucky to find this. Thank you for all you do.

    1. I agree, if possible it would be nice to have a comment button for each post on the main page. For the reason Allen mentioned, but upon returning to the site it’s also nice to see if comments have been added. Hope you’re feeling close to 100% Eric!

    2. I will definitely look into it but I believe the design is set to have each box, each post as its own existing post, it has its own comments so I question if that would work.

  2. Hi Eric, I think the property tax other taxes increase is about to cause a good chunk people to lose their homes.

    The USA might end up getting burned more than ever.

    Once again the corrupted greed is fleecing the people even more, this is going to cause a lot of anger.

    1. Hi Tirin- it’s not just the US either. We have many that won’t be able to pay their mortgages now in Australia either. Many now can’t afford the petrol to even get to work, the price is so high.
      This is a planned world shortage, and regular people are
      the only ones to stop it. Whether that’s by prayer or anarchy I don’t know, but I’m fast coming to the conclusion that the whole world is doomed due to government overreach, and that the conspiracy theorists were 100% right

  3. Hey Eric I know this is old news lol but with the nuclear attack video came out for New York should we be worried

        1. Eric,
          Have the spirits said anything about a bad event coming America’s way? (Besides the climate/food issues you’ve already mentioned.) mk’s above comment made me wonder if you’ve picked up on anything similar.

          1. The “Red Coats” are coming. I am expecting an attack of a domestic kind. Internal terror attacks. (Sorry to ruin your day Sara.)
            Its a bit hard to tell how this plays out, back when I wrote it I assumed those attacking us are radicals that stormed the Capitol returning. But Red? Red Rising? Russia?
            But on the flip side they imply a militia. Either way sounds horrible.
            A building is involved an explosion.
            Here is one of those messages:

            1. Thank you Eric,

              I am aware that you are unwell and I am being mindful of what I say. I wish you a full and peaceful recovery.

              It’s happened before and we just keep looping.

              “During the American Revolution, the Redcoats fought the Patriots. The redcoats wanted to maintain the rule of the British Empire over the Colonies. The Patriots, on the other hand, fought to secure the freedom of the Colonies. The redcoats initially had the upper hand but the tide soon turned. They had little to no support in the Colonies”.

              The violence will be wide spread but not in all states. The above will make sense retrospectively.

              1. I question whether its attached to the Revolution. Thank you for the information. I have noticed their nick names are related to the event. Perhaps they literally have a red coat on. The prediction and others imply another attack on the US.

            2. Eric,
              Hi, I tried posting this earlier, but it hasn’t popped up, so I’ll try again. So if I end up with two identical comments on here, I apologize.

              I have a theory on what the “redcoats” might mean. Red is the color of the Republican party, so maybe “redcoats” refers to an extremist faction? Perhaps one that works with the people who attacked the Capitol on January 6th, like the Proud Boys or Oathkeepers? Maybe that’s where the militia part of the prediction comes in. Just a guess on my part, though.

              1. That was my initial thought, with Red hats and such. The look fits. But now with “Red Rising” its hard to see which direction. But you might be right.

                1. Here’s an idea, let’s keep blaming all republicans for the actions of a few. I’m disgusted by what I’m reading. Honestly. Where’s your disdain and disgust for what Biden has done to this country? Nothing? I can admit Trump is a lunatic. Can you do the same for lyin Biden? I expected way more from you Eric. To be neutral. This isn’t christ like or spiritual. I’m sadly disappointed.

                  1. Sonoran,
                    I’m sorry if I’m coming across like I blame all Republicans, because I don’t. I have no problem with most of them. I think most Americans just want safety, peace, equality, and freedom, they just differ on how best to get it.

                    It’s the extremists, the thousands who attacked the Capitol and who even now push for violence, that scare me. The hatred and violence on January 6th didn’t just disappear, it’s flowing freely online and could easily seep into the real world. I really, really hope I’m wrong about that, though.

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