Alaska Earthquake 7.2

World Predictions 6-5-19 I had a visual I was looking down from the sky to see roads that were cracked and broken apart. Alaska.. Earthquake.. around 6 .. 7.. I had a visual of one epic sized cyclone.The cyclone strikes Australia leading to flooding that will be historic. With the earthquake they said “Vancouver”. I asked them to clarify if the prediction was for Canada or Alaska and they tapped a map of Alaska. The impression with the cyclone was that the northern region of Australia would be affected the most. It was a massive cyclone.

World Prediction: Tsunami 7-14-23 Tide, Tide, Tide, Tide so massive.
Earthquake Big 2
I had a vision of the ocean, then suddenly a massive flood, a massive tide.
“2023 The year water ruined us.” The earthquake; the wording here is odd. The message “Big” also odd, which leads me to conclude they are referencing an old prediction. We have two different possible predictions. China/Japan Tsunami World Predictions 10-6-19 or Vancouver/British Columbia, Tsunami Predictions 5-17-18 Why? Let me show you the original post and explain:

It was on July 14th that we warned you an old prediction about an earthquake was coming back into the scene, and it has arrived. A Third prediction for the 2019 timeline, recognize what that says, that prediction outlines another earthquake, Ouch. It’s the 16th. Something else is coming. This feels like “One”. This feels like “6” and we seriously need to peek at Australia too. Vancouver, Japan, Taiwan, and China, I would highly recommend a distance from the ocean.

From the man that predicted Covid, January 6th, Putin, Paris attacks, the rise of ISIS, we have predicted so much. Now we move into a new orbit, we plan to show you heaven in all of it glory. We will show you everything I know, all of it, I will begin with a description of heaven as I see it, and then we need to talk about the problems of the world, starting with the biggest one. But I am starting to think all these predictions, were setting a stage, giving you validation, because they have something to say, and it is Splendor, its solutions to our problems!

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  1. eric im in townsville and it is our dry season here – do you see a cyclone hitting townsville this coming wet season?

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