Titanic Submarine Search

World Predictions 3-16-20
I had a visual of a ship that looked like the Titanic, it was sinking into the ocean from the top down.

Prayers for all those in the Submarine.

This symbolic prediction is unfolding. Oh how I wish I could cover each of the predictions we see. In March of 2020 the focal point was Covid. They presented this moment, this prediction, but we did not look further, we chose to look at Covid instead. An unfortunate reality of my work.

11 thoughts on “Titanic Submarine Search

  1. According to BBC News, a debris field has been found in the search area, parts of the submersible. Sounds like they had a “catastrophic implosion” of some kind. Sad ending to this story, prayers for their families and friends.

  2. I want to know, if they were sure they were dead from the beginning, why did they put on the show? Oh they have 95 hours of air. Were they using it as a cover? And they made us feel there was hope. They even told some to stand down. I don’t like it.

  3. I don’t think they knew for sure they were dead–the debris field wasn’t even found until yesterday. Until they found that, they didn’t know for sure what happened. And underwater banging sounds were heard a few times, which gave them hope the submarine was still intact and needed assistance.

  4. News reports say the US Coast Guard has known since Sunday that the vessel imploded.

    1. Oh, I didn’t know that. In that case, it is strange they wouldn’t have said anything.

    2. My understanding is that an underwater explosion was heard by the coast guard less than 2 hours after they submerged, but until they found proof of some sort they couldn’t be sure if that was what they had heard. Could’ve been other things.

  5. Fired an employee years back for raising safety concerns and openly bragged about skirting safety regs both on video and in documents. Easily avoidable situation had the owner not taken a laissez faire approach to safety.

    1. It sounds eerily similar to the actual Titanic, which also overlooked basic safety features such as having enough lifeboats and slowing down to avoid the icebergs.

  6. This tragic story is somewhat reminiscent of a Greek Tragedy. I’ve been reading some of the articles but this was a classic case of arrogant hubris on Stockton Rush’s part. His attitude to Safety regulations was cavalier, too busy trying to grow the company and add in the fact that his wife’s side of the family lost family on the Titanic; this guy was hellbent on testing the Fates. The Fates won.

    An international investigation likely followed by prosecution for negligence and major changes to engineering safety protocols for private vessels in international waters is the inevitable outcome. It’s sad that it has taken such a tragedy to close off the loopholes that should have been sorted out decades ago.

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