The World Prediction of 2018: Moscow Under Attack

Predictions 1-3-17
“Russia.. threat.. threat.. protect the capitol from terrorist acts!”
Predictions 5-16-18
Terrorism is back! One after another: I had a visual of Moscow. Spirit is pointing to Russia as one of the locations. I had a visual of a Spider crawling on someone’s face, then another crawling. “Terrorism is making its resurgence.” In 15 to 20 minutes. That’s points to the 31st – 2nd.

We are back with this 2018 World Prediction yet again. As they predicted, the Russian Capitol, Moscow, is under attack and it’s the 1st.

In the same 2017 prediction above we also predicted this liar, George Santos.

Predictions 1-3-17
“Rage.. chaos.. an explosive nightmare.. Santos.. 19 minutes”— Spirits Voice

What did we predict for the US debt ceiling? This January prediction has arrived. We expect this to be the inevitable future:

Prediction 47: The Next Economic Problem
In the U.S. inflation becomes the new economic problem here and now. Deep, painful cuts are coming to control the issues. Kicking it down the road is no longer an option.

The Ultimate Truth is coming. The most divine message I have ever received. A solution to the problems of the 21st Century. One that makes perfect sense. The red phone is hot! But before I give you this message I need to introduce you to the “Ancient Ones” The first born children of the Creator. So we put the “Karma of Tomorrow” on hold temporarily. This message has me bursting at the seams. We begin our descriptions at the top, with the King. But it is the rest of the family that has a grip on our world, and their descriptions will follow. Be open minded, as you will immediately see a lean towards one faith. But I hold that the religions, are like holding a handful of puzzle pieces, yet the picture is 10,000 pieces, you don’t think they match up with the 4 to 5 pieces you hold, but they match, they do. Oh do they ever! From the King we shift to describe Ma Ra.

Computer Glitch: We, have a glitch. Some of you read my work and see white print. I assure you I am on it, and will fix it as rapidly as I can. Can I please have the details: Is it when you come here to the website? Is it just emails? Is it every post? I need to find the root of the problem. I am very sorry for this glitch. This new site is very glitchy. Sometimes I wonder if we should go back to the old one? But wow did we spend your money to make that a reality. Thoughts? Because the old way seemed to be more flowing?

Moving Forward Eric will need your full name, Date of Birth, time of birth, and where you were born. It is the past and future that collide to create the now. By stepping back to your birth, I can see your future.

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  1. Prior comments on other posts mentioned the problem was on your emails. I don’t get the emails, but I can say I’ve never had any problems with the site. Thanks for all you do, Eric.

    1. You have to sign up at the bottom for the emails. For die hard fans, they get the post first. Even right before it comes here. But recently there was a glitch and people could not read it.

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