Robinhood Steals From Russia To Give to Ukraine

Prediction 35: 21st Century Robin Hood
They will hack into accounts and steal from the filthy rich, who have reputations for greed and self-serving attitudes and give the money to the un-entitled, and those desperately in need of help. Though criminals of the 21st century, they will be seen as heroes dubbed under the banner of
“Robin Hood”.

Predicted August of 2012

This prediction has happened. The Facts by “The New Voice of Ukraine”

“The ‘Robin Hood’ hacker steals rich Russian crypto funds, gives to poor Ukraine The experts said the hacker had transferred the stolen bitcoins to the addresses of Ukrainian volunteers.” —- Yahoo News Quote

We already predicted this moment back in 2022? On this post: Robinhood , both events seem to fit the moment. I will let you decide on which event Spirit is predicting if not both. The prediction implies multiple events. With their word “They”.

The leader of the Wagner group agues on this video about not having ammunition for the battle of Bakhmut. That it is being withheld? I would argue, Russia is running out of ammunition, the shelves are empty, as this prediction says, which leads to…

World Prediction 2-21-23
The walls of the Kremlin crack, the basic needs lacking, from bolts, to bullets, to medications, the wall cracks.
Failure imminent.

I had a visual I was staring at the world, below me was Europe.
“NATO Prevails.. they become the dominate power of the world, making them fat and arrogant.”
Spirit what happens to Putin?
I had a visual of a man on his knees facing the wall. Then a pistol was put against the mans neck, the trigger pulled, blood sprayed in the air, the man fell to the floor.

The walls cracking.. they simply don’t have the means to continue their war. They are running out of supplies and that moment follows another:

The predictions are lining up. Leading to Putins fall:

Predictions 6-5-16
“Russia will invade again.. To take another territory.. A cold global freeze follows.”

No one trusts Putin
The business in Russia begins to faulter as no one trusts the Russian word
an economic recession in Russia is inevitable
unemployment begins to spiral in the wrong way
Putin’s gamble is an utter failure.

The economy plummets in Russia, and causes a cascade event that will drag the global economy down. Something we are expecting very soon.

World Predictions: Putin and Whats Coming
“Russia Collapse.”
I had a vision of a Russian brick wall, the wall was old, and fortifying, then a part of the wall just fell over, as it did I could see it shatter into small pieces.
I had a visual of a large whole in the ground of Russia and it was a vacuum consuming everything around it, the weight of its power so heavy that it reached across the world and affected all the other places sinking not just Russia but other places as well. Like a black hole in the center of
“Vladimir Putin, in the end you will only be remembered as another Rasputin. That which brought it all down”

I had a vision I was in the halls of the Kremlin. The hallway had pictures of all their leaders lined up. I saw a portrait of Putin dressed in a suit, followed by another. A military figure, his eyes were piercing black…

Does the War end in May?

Right now as May starts an “Astrological Moment” is unfolding. Ask yourself are you questioning your place in universe, is the wind of change in the air plaguing you? Are your questioning career, your family, your lover, your friends? Or is life just falling apart at the seems. Welcome to “Mercury Retrograde“. A force of hostile change. Just to give you a preview of its meaning, this Astrological moment, happened in February of 2020, Spirit called it the “Great Freeze”. Do your recall February 2020? Did all of our lives change? This moment has a different force behind it “The Ruined Tower” and under that umbrella I fully expect to see empires fall, government leaders exposed, corporations crashing and burning, and those with the biggest egos falling. All of it a rapid force of change. This moment will last till May 14th and is expected to bring unwavering change and tension in all our lives. So yes Putin fall is expected. However there is this snag…. A description of 2022 seems to imply another timeline.

Whats Coming in 2022.
As the medium who predicted Covid19 in October of 2019, months before it struck the world, I can now say with great relief, this Pandemic is ending, but as it reads, celebration is next to nothing. The sum of what 2022 brings:

The Year of Reflection
I had a vision from the sky-high above of a large horse race track, old, worn, outdated. The day was brisk, cold, the ground muddy and wet from the day before. I could see the horses in the stables breathing the cold fog of the morning. On the ground was a wooden plaque that read 1919. Then a band of Rawhide Thugs got on the racetrack, dressed in old-style cowboy outfits for the outlaws. The first face I could make out was a familiar one; it was Death himself, I crossed his image before, and I am familiar with his horse. The second racer had a joker’s face; painted with makeup that was smeared as if trying to remove it,, he was dressed more like Barnum and Bailey. He had a twisted grin and filthy dirty hands. The third racer eludes me, his face was horribly scarred with cuts and burns. He also had smeared makeup to cover his scars, he also had an old gold Roman face mask, that was broken. All three raced ragefully towards the finish line. Mud flung from all sides, swinging across the tracks. How many rounds are there? Soon all three would pass the finish line. An announcer of the race came over the loudspeaker. “Thank God, the race is ending now. It’s coming to its ending.” in this old WW1 voice. I felt relief as the finish line flag wagged in the brisk air; this was ending.
I had a vision. I was looking at a chessboard; then, I became a part of the chessboard. I walked through this large beautiful marble, cold, stony floor at night. There were life-sized pieces, then on both sides, black and white chess pieces fell. First the king, then a queen, then another king. They all begin to fall. They were replaced by pawns and bishops. I could hear ticking, ticking, ticking, as the board circled like a clock, then the board was forever different.

I hope you see, our Rawhide Thug, racing with Death himself, a joke of a leader, dressed in Carnival clothing, with a twisted grin and greedy filthy hands, is Vladimir Putin.

But if we are to follow this prediction that describes how 2022 will play out, the war is expected to last about a year as the WW1 Announcer says. But the morning air is brisk? The ground is muddy? There is a cold fog? None of that spells May. So I have this moment in question. It is my hope to have an answer to this question by May 14th. Either way change has finally arrived and it is overwhelmingly hostile.

Want to know how to Navigate during this turbulent time. Spirit can guide you.

Want to learn more about Mercury Retrograde? This Astrologer Ms Kelly really nails it:

10 thoughts on “Robinhood Steals From Russia To Give to Ukraine

  1. So, the world can expect a lot of chaos in May? (Or up to May 14th?) Is that part of the Mercury Retrograde thing? Astrology isn’t my field, so I hope I understood the post correctly.

    1. It started in April. Chaos isn’t the word I would use. Some will be forced into change while others question their place in the world, in both scenarios, change will follow. It has a very specific purpose and that is to get out of our current situations that don’t serve us. It’s a storm that envelopes change but with every storm there is rebirth, new beginnings, new starts and a refreshing shift later in the year.

    1. I don’t know for sure, but anyone bowing to Putin will be sucked into that orbit. I can’t speak to that specific nation though without looking.

  2. i wouldnt get too up and jumpy about putin departure progozhin (wagner chief) is 1000x worse than putin

  3. Regarding May 14, the Turkish Presidential elections, alongside parliamentary elections, are scheduled to take place in Turkey exactly on that day. I wonder if the astrological moment mentioned by Eric will have an impact on the outcome. On the other hand, we also have Pluto in Aquarius during that time, through June 11.

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