As someone who lives in a spiritual bubble I have absolutely know idea what these people are talking about and yet several of you have pointed this prediction out as happening now. So I leave it up to you to decide. Nothing criminal was mentioned? Wall Street though is definitely the den of greed. Makes me feel a bit sheepish I don’t get it. The old prediction:

Prediction 35: 21st Century Robin Hood They will hack into accounts and steal from the filthy rich, who have reputations for greed and self-serving attitudes and give the money to the un-entitled, and those desperately in need of help. Though criminals of the 21st century, they will be seen as heroes dubbed under the banner of “Robin Hood”.

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  1. Samanthas Avatar

    I feel the only criminal acts was putting the restrictions on the trading after the hedge funds began to lose, goodness forbid they get beat at their own game and by the average joe none the less!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It is very Robin Hood.

    2. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
      T W Longtime Lurker

      @Samanthas on


      THEY get mad when They are beaten at their own game.

      They got made because a group of teenagers beat the hedge fund managers at their own game. The hedge fund managers manipulated the market by shorting Game Stop stock. They further manipulated the market by getting Robin Hood to cease all trading on Game Stop stock.

      I hope those teens purchased PREFERRED STOCK instead of common stock.

      If you have this stock KEEP it for now. I smell lawsuits against Robinhood…

      1. adventuresofashton Avatar

        Holding twlongtimelurker. I’m so mad at how they’ve limited selling to cause price dips etc. 100% market manipulation by the big bullies of wall street.

        1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
          T W Longtime Lurker

          Hi adventuresoffashion!

          Robinhood is still doing something weird with GameStop trading, yet other brokerage firms are allowing free trade.

          The plot thickens.

          Uranus in Taurus.

          Expect the unexpected with food, money, & inheritances. Some families will lose their generational wealth.

          1. adventuresofashton Avatar

            Completely agree. Daunting situation unfolding for many. I feel as though it’s all going to come crashing down very soon. The only scenario I can imagine without a bunch of people getting burnt is if they planned a mass sell off like they did to pump the prices up. There are some major manipulation tactics going though. They aren’t allowing anyone to purchase so that in and of itself is causing the price to fall sharply.

            1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
              T W Longtime Lurker

              The stock market is one large Ponzi Scheme.

  2. Shannon Avatar

    What a spot on prediction Eric!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  3. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
    T W Longtime Lurker

    The hedge fund managers who shorted Game Stop stock lost BILLIONS!!!

    According to NBC News, Congress will hold a hearing & lawsuits are being formed against Robinhood.

    I love it when the Little Guy wins!

  4. Juan Jose Perez Avatar
    Juan Jose Perez

    WOW! Eric! 100% hit! WOW! Even though Spirit uses a different language to show you things, you interpreted the Spirit’s language in this prediction on the nose! WOW! Thanks for your ability to listen. The lesson here is that no matter how the message sounds, you must trust the communication even if it sounds unbelievable. I am stunned. I confess that there were times when I have had my doubts. No more.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  5. R2D2 Avatar

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! The common folk have the power after all!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Beat them at their own game. Ohhhh now what does Congress say? Both Democrats and Republicans call foulplay. Funny time to unite Congress. When it hits your pocketbook. We need regulations some say. Haha. Really? When YOU lose money its diiiifferent but the “peasants”? Well shoot keep em suppressed. God has shown his mighty hand. Nice Eric…and yes good catch.

    Drain the swamp…

  6. mk Avatar

    By any mediums standard this prediction is impressive in both time frame and details. Bit of joy for the people as well.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I was just happy it wasn’t my normal doom and gloom message.

      1. R2D2 Avatar
        R2D2 poor thing. Yes…you are making us smile wide now. 🥰😇
        By the way… not smiling now. About prediction of assassination of a leader. I cringe to write that. March 25th is some summit conference in Greece celebrating Independence day and supposedly Macron will be there. You keep seeing FRA and long time ago saw “25” an anniversary of ? and a terrorist event. Macron wants strict restrictions on Iran and nuke weapons. I caught the glimpse of an article on this. It featured 3 world leaders present on the cover (photo) at this upcoming conference. “3 is your key… 3”. Throwing out some random thoughts.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  7. Trevor Avatar

    The Gamestop thing has an endpoint as a novel pyramid scheme. It will obviously collapse at some point. Probably soon. And it’s not just a “short squeeze,” a lot of people didn’t really understand what was happening and essentially jumped in to speculate, catching a rising tide. The line will break. What’s the end game?

    The point is, little people are going to get hurt too.

    1. Trevor Avatar

      Remember, this supposed populist revolt against Wall Street is led by people who can afford to drop $50,000 in options on crazy bets. Someone with $50,000 to spare on out-of-the-money call options on a near-bankrupt company has convinced other people to make him tens of millions by pushing up the price of that stock, causing a lot of them and some hedge funds to lose money in the process. This isn’t populism.

      Pump-and-dump schemes done over Reddit are still pump-and-dump schemes. Populism is the last thing this is. If you really want to stick it to hedge fund managers, how about we get rid of the carried interest loophole.

      GameStop isn’t a revolution, it isn’t the proletariat sticking it to Wall Street. It’s the top 5% taking on *some* of the top 0.5%, convincing a bunch of actually middle class people to act as cannon fodder along the way. Oh, and a lot of Wall Street is making out too.

      1. R2D2 Avatar

        Trevor- Sesame Street was having fun till big Daddy (you) came in and said playtime over. Ok Realistic Ralph. Haha. Messing with you.😉 Thank you for explaining this! What your saying makes sense from my knowledge base. Cohen deleted his Twitter acct. The reddit guy who started this made 33 million I think. He hasn’t sold though. wallstreetbets is saying “Hold the line”. Its gone international. We shall see the value at market close on Monday. My own kiddo asked my opinion last Wednesday on two things….join Robinhood and buy Gamestop (& AMC) stock. I told him h#ll no!!! Gamestop is filing Ch 11 (or is it 13?) bankruptcy. I by fluke caught this bankruptcy news first week of December. Since then new CEO? Anywho, then saw all the dust kicked up in the news on Gamestop. Thanks again Trevor for your short blurb on the ramifications of this trade behavior, now I have a wee bit more information.
        Love and Light
        PS: Hedge fund managers losing…baaawaaahaha

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          The Spirit chirped in last night with their take, as if talking to children “Greed is bad.. bad, bad, bad!”

          1. R2D2 Avatar

            No tit for tat. 🥴 sigh. Take home message is ….We have to behave says spirit.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              They really are taking sides now days.

  8. Cody Avatar

    A lot of online people jump to conclusions too early because it turns out Robinhood restricting trades in meme stocks wasn’t some conspiracy to protect hedge funds. It was about protecting themselves from going bankrupt.

    It’s why they tapped credit lines for hundreds of millions, then raised another billion in cash.

    “So it looks like Robinhood did not prohibit customers from buying GameStop or AMC as part of a conspiracy to protect short sellers. It did it because it literally couldn’t afford to let them keep trading.”

  9. Sara Avatar

    “There shouldn’t be any hedge funds, they were an accident of history. We should close the loophole in the 1940 Investment Company & Investment Advisors Acts, thereby mandating disclosure, altering fee structures, & eliminating the use of leverage.”

    1. T W Longtime Lurker Avatar
      T W Longtime Lurker


      I agree.

  10. petemedium Avatar

    Hadn’t planned a Blog this week, but my Spirit Friends had other ideas. Pete

    1. Gloria Avatar

      Pete, I read your blog then today I saw this on our news channel today! The Queen is wearing a green dress in the leading shot too, although not so much about her mother. Thought it was quite accurate though!

      1. petemedium Avatar

        Hello Gloria and thank you for your comment. I’ve Copy/Pasted in my Blog comments. Pete

  11. Trevor Avatar

    “GameStop is a ‘populist rebellion’ that, yes, took down one hedge fund, but also made a lot of money for the rest of Wall Street, and will leave a lot of retail investors holding the bag—like this guy with $400,000 in losses.

    “In other words, not populist at all.”

    1. Trevor Avatar

      “If you really want to stick it to Wall Street, you should:

      “1) Open a Vanguard account
      “2) Call your member of Congress and tell them to get rid of the Carried Interest tax loophole, and institute a Financial Transactions Tax
      “3) Do NOT buy GameStop stock”

  12. Luna Tic Avatar
    Luna Tic

    Right on Eric!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


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