Class One: How To Connect To the Spiritual Realm

March 17th and April 21st
at 6pm pacific time
To Reserve you Spot Contact Eric

Have I shown you I am connected to the Spiritual Realm? Have you seen my world predictions and realized there is something there? I hold the key that allows me to connect to a place so profound, it holds the power to predict what will happen next. From January 6th, to Covid, Paris Attacks, and Belgium attacks, I have predicted them all. Now I want to share that key with you. I want to give you the tools that allow you to connect to a place of such splendor. A place drowning in love. A place with profound unwavering knowledge. The home of our Creator. I want to connect you to the Spiritual Realm.

In this class I will show you how to properly connect. How to properly communicate and all the tools needed for the Spiritual Realm.
The Zoom Link will be provided in the coming days.

The class is 60$ and the link below allows you to make the payment for readings or classes now:

Also is a Reminder of all the predictions over the 11 years:

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